if you quit games- you are NOT a true HALO player

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You, are in fact, showing that you are too afraid to play and have no skill. Only a true Halo player with skill would see a game through to the end no matter what.

Quitters are ruining gameplay for the REAL players. Now it appears that we have more unskilled players than ever with them leaving a game just because—GOSH!—they may not be winning. Yeah, it takes a lot of skill to stay in a game when you have a 2X or more lead—not. True skill is turning what appears to be a loss into a victory.

But, I guess a lot of players don’t have the skill to do that since most games in Arena I play have at least 1-2 unskilled players disappear before the game is over.

And of COURSE they all disappear because of 343i’s bad servers disconnecting them…it’s not their fault.

To those who actually do stay in games until the end, I think we are in the minority, the true gamers surrounded by lesser skilled players who don’t want to have to earn a win and maybe face a loss.

There is no argument in favour of voluntarily quitting—that choice is you giving up and being a failure. It’s the harsh reality that everyone knows, but the quitters don’t like to hear.

Point 1. Not everyone is a MLG pro league.
Point 2. They might want to play custom games and their friend invited them.
Point 3. Do not post deconstructive posts. (That happened to my freind for no reason so I’m doing it now.)

Also I quit early cause custom games.

What are you trying to get at? People may have to quit a match for any other reason. Yes it sucks when you lose a teammate or possibly two, but that is like any other game. Halo 2 had these same problems and it was way worse back then. Having to play against modders in Halo 2, just made you want to quit. Just suck it up and play on, its not fun but it happens and just have to deal with it. You’re lucky if you don’t play League of Legends or Dota 2 where you have to wait 20 minutes to possibly surrender and avoid leave bans.

Well, I could play a JIP game where I’m already losing and not have fun OR go to the Commonwealth and smash in a Super Mutant’s face with a giant hammer and have fun. Hm, tough call, but if you want to be hilariously self-righteous about quitting a match in a video game, you do you. I’ll just take my two recently acquired college degrees and promising future in education and wallow in the corner about some random dude on the Internet saying I might be a failure. I don’t know how I’ll live.

Haha yes! I am in total agreement with you OP! I am not truly skilled but i have not or I will never quit a game of halo 5 unless under extreme circumstances (child wakes ill etc but it hasnt happened yet)

That is in the same way that if you fail your test at school, you are not an actuall student.

Yeah, I’ll openly admit I quit out of the occasional match, just like I’ll frequently stick it out when it’s 4v3 and I’m the only one holding the team up. Depends on if I’m actually having fun or not. Being faced with a surmountable challenge? Fun. Getting absolutely spanked because everyone on my team is terrible and the enemy has twice our score? We’re definitely 100% going to lose anyways so I see no reason to stick around and endure this completely boring match like a masochist when I could be doing something else.

That said there’s also been several times where I’ve simply been dropped from the match because of servers, and that makes up the majority of my disconnects. No, I’m not trying to “cover up” anything with that statement because I’m not ashamed of quitting in the first place.

There are a lot of people dropping off due to connection issues I don’t think we should just blanker them as liars.
I for one have been disconnected on the odd occasion so personally I know it happens.
As for legit quitters yeah it’s annoying but the match making should shoulder some of the blame.
Matching Platinum’s with Silvers (which seems to happen more than it should) will cause people to leave because they aren’t having fun anymore. Matching Solo players against teams also causes frustration and as a result people rage quitting.

I had two games today where players quit back to back, but I understand people have leave a game for emergencies at times. IF they are quitting voluntarily because they suck it can really be frustrating. Sometimes when a bad player quits a team can win because they don’t have them dragging them down.

People quit matches for a variety of reasons. It’s not yours or anyone else’s place to chastise them for it.

If you feel that you must come to these forums to condemn other players for engaging in certain actions, well, that doesn’t really mean that you’re not a true Halo player; it does, however, make you look like an arrogant -Yoink!-.

I assume you’re only talking about Arena quits. Because don’t get me started on the ****fest that is warzone right now with all the farming going on.

Yay! Another quitting thread!

If it’s not a true halo game then absolutely, a true halo player will always quit!

I don’t quit matches. Req and xp keeps me motivated to just stay in and suffer against the try hard team or win either way. But yeah sometimes I lag out. It be like random in warzone I’m just chilling with my assault rifle and pistol and the game be like “yeah your fireteam has changed so we have to pull you out of the game” damn really my fireteam changed from zero members in my fireteam to zero members in my fireteam lol. That’s warzone. If I quit arena it’s because something comes up like I’m gonna go out, or I get a skype call thats more important than the game. You know sometimes something comes up and maybe you can finish the game but sometimes you just have to quit.

> 2533274929827389;2:
> Point 1. Not everyone is a MLG pro league.
> Point 2. They might want to play custom games and their friend invited them.
> Point 3. Do not post deconstructive posts. (That happened to my freind for no reason so I’m doing it now.)
> Also I quit early cause custom games.

well thats kinda scummy then isn’t it, letting your team down, real mature bro

I never leave the games, but I must admit that halo 5 I have lost patience a couple of times about the problems we all know and I left the game (it was that or launch the console for the window). Good spartan, should not abandon the games.

(Sorry for bad Googlenglish)

Not all people quit because they are losing and in most cases it’s usually because of:
-Loss of connection to servers [NOT QUITING]
-Being kicked for betraying in Griffball (Which is -yoink-) [NOT QUITING]
-Being invited to play with a friend
-Having to turn off their console because they have something to do in the real world (could also be rage to be fair)

But you get my point, not all leave games because they are losing, and not all leave because they want to…

The only times I ever quit is when my parents are threatening to turn power off if I don’t turn it off myself and go and do something
Other than that I stick every game out to the very end
I never quit because I am losing, or because I am the last person left on my team

Tell you what. When you learn grammar, syntax, and the basics of logic then I will learn skill, loyalty, and good sportsmanship.

This thread is hilarious. The quit button is there for a reason.

If any developer didn’t want you truly quitting during a match, they wouldn’t of put the quit option in to begin with.

And I don’t know where out got that definition of a true halo player, but I suggest you rethink what truly defines a halo player.