If you pre-ordered on marketplace...

I pre-ordered the MCC through the XBL Marketplace and the beta is not an option for me to download under “my games”. I am not sure if I was emailed a code at the time I pre-ordered or not but I think I would have recognized an email about a code in my mail. My guess is I wasn’t sent jack about a code. So my question is how the hell do I get it? I will push this to the point where I call Xbox so 343 you need to address this asap because I know this may become a problem.

The description under the game details said it comes with early access to the beta I know this for a fact I specifically remember. And if 343 gives me some BS saying that I had to have pre-ordered from a store to get a code that’s BS. I pre-ordered MCC at the full price of $59.99 through the marketplace while others only put a down payment of $5.00 at stores so I don’t wanna hear some absurd line from them like I don’t get early access this week to download the beta just because I didn’t buy a stupid pass at Walmart or GameStop. My $ is as good as anyone else’s.

please reply if you have any info regarding this post. Thanks

  1. Calm the hell down, it’s a beta.

  2. You didn’t get invited because the beta isn’t publicly available yet, the beta that was released today was a small portion of what everyone will get on the 29th to people who are part of the invitation only Xbox Preview Program.

  3. Before you ask, no, attempting to sign up to the preview program will not allow you to enter the beta.

  4. You will still be prompted to download the beta on the 29th as advertised in the MCC, not before.

The full beta starts on the 29th