If you pay for cosmetics

I disagree with several things about the MTX scheme. I hate the coating situation mostly.

But I’ll spend my money on whatever I wish, and not spend it on whatever I wish. The opinions of internet people don’t even factor.


Usually, it is a very small % of people pay into these types of games. In particular, it’s a very very small % of players that are “whales” that spend a lot of money (thousands of dollars) on such a game. Unfortunately, if you do the math, one whale spending $1,000 = about 16 people who would have just spent $60 on a game without such monetization. So in the end, the vast majority of players suffer because of the few whales that buy all of it. It’s a difficult argument to tell 343 they shouldn’t go chase those whales when there’s so much money to be had.

I personally don’t like the ethical implications though. Many “whales” aren’t rich and actually get themselves into debt over this sort of stuff. It can be an addiction just like gambling is. I think it’s a horrible trend that companies should stop but all that money is hard to resist.

Statement: The game is free, what do you want?

Argument: By buying the game like other games do.


  • Most top MP titles are F2P, that’s the market we’re in.

  • Inflation over the past 20 years means $50 in 2001 or $60 in 2007 equals $78 and $80 in 2021 respectively and development costs have increased along with treatment of developers as far as work schedules go, not to mention anti-cheat tracking (Which is an arms race) and networking, etc is way more complex than a decade or two ago. *that costs money

  • Loot boxes are more predatory because it’s gambling. Everything here is an opt-in at your discretion, so that’s on you the consumer. The average consumer is not going to buy into a BP they won’t use or buy everything in the store. (Another facile argument is “oh well I’m a collector of things” when I raised the logic of “You don’t walk into Target and say you want everything in the store”, well the store isn’t designed to be where you own everything, why would you? Even if that’s what you think you need, that’s likely more of a compulsion or a behavioral problem) If I open a store and sell a bunch of things, YOU the consumer are not entitled to them. You can shop with your wallet and if I can’t sell to anyone then I’ll be forced to lower my prices.

  • Another aspect is this, for now we might see $20 sold at 18,000 units vs lowering it to $15 and selling another 22k on the next fracture week. Okay well that’s a net of $360k vs $330k, so a gamble is just setting equal packs at $15 going forward to shoot the volume gap, but that’s still a risk. Not to mention you can also employ a last week drop to $10 OR include like a few 2XP/Swaps as a last week sale, so you’re averaging out to less of a production loss. That or in later seasons when this event gets recycled, offer the set at $10, whereas when a set first launches it’s at the elevated price as an early adopter tax. Which is a fair practice and all of this is seen all over the place, not just in games. You never expect consumers to buy everything in the store, so why the hell would you price everything accordingly? Like the logic of that would tank any shop, these cosmetics cost money to make in the first place and the longer it takes to repay that costing, the more risk it creates for future projects. That and if you dump the price and sell on volume you make the item less valuable to the consumer overall, if everyone has a Ferrari then nobody wants a Ferrari (Well idc about exclusivity, but most consumers do).

  • The point is, yes executives are partially to blame, but there is a scientific method to the pricing madness you see in F2P games, which to be fair totally free players are supported by people who shop. So getting everyone to stop buying is silly because you’re not going to buy much regardless, so it just tanks the whole thing.

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Just because something is F2P does not make the entire mode ‘free’ and neither does it excuse predatory systems or criticism.

Inflation has nothing to do with it. Many dev’s struggle all year and do their best and it doesn’t give 343i an excuse to charge insane prices for something that is not worth what there trying to sell.

Loot box’s are not more predatory but equally predatory and it’s just another way of conning people out of excessive amounts of money and I hated that in Halo 5 too.

There is no reason why a lazily made recolors that anyone on these forums can make quickly should be £20+ and it certainly does not excuse trying to get people to pay over £200 for content that is for so little content. I find this insulting as a gamer and as someone who likes to make them too for people to make excuses like this for something that clearly is not true.

Of course the decision makers are to blame these days and we are certainly not going to pretend that anything that’s been done is fair and you have zero clue how much of this money is going to devs instead of the boss’s and all it does is encourage the rich to get even more rich and there are plenty of ways to save money in the industry so don’t give me the nonsense about inflation.

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honestly, people really are. they’re telling the higher ups ‘yes, this IS okay. bend me over and -Yoink!- my wallet like the good consumer i am’
‘oh but it’s just cosmetic, so shut it’ you do realize what halo was built off of, yes? the prior games in the series? the second halo had you play as a difference race in the multiplayer. the third game had armor pieces that you earned through playing the game. reach had expanded cosmetic options. Halo as a whole wasn’t just built off of the fun gameplay and decent storries, but also the player friendly customization
‘but it’s free to play’ i’ve seen better. infact i can name a really fun game that does the free to play thing, made by a small team, yet is still leagues more player friendly than this. and is still getting support by the dev team
‘they probably wanted it to be more accessable for new players’ then why make the campaign the only thing paid for, game wise? surely if that was the case, they’d want more players to experience the story too, no?
speaking of the price… TECHNICALLY if you buy the campaign, you are buying the full thing, multiplayer included. yet they monetize the grunt out of it. also they marketed the customization in Infinite a LOT, and it’s all behind the pay wall. so if you but not only the campaign but also for the customization, you’re paying for WAY more than what the game’s price should be. remember when paying for 60$ gave you not only a story, but a multiplayer, and player friendly customization, and maybe a horde mode? huh, like the high standareds past halo games have set for itself? in less time, might i add! bungie had 3 or less years to make every one of the past halo games, and yet 343i had 5! 2 more years than bungie, and it’s worse!
‘oh but 343 made a completely new engine’ okay, so let’s say that took 2 years to make, that would leave them with 3 years to make the game in said engine… bungie updated the prior halo game’s engine to better suit the new game, in less time, made a new and amazing progression system and player friendly customization that was fun to complete, and made a new artstyle for halo, AKA REACH. 343i has no excuse for how long it took, and the outcome of said work.
‘oh you’re just complaining about the progression system, just shut it and enjoy the game’ okay, even looking past the whole microtransactions. the game as a whole sucks. the weapon sandbox is so bad, like most of the guns are either useless or redundant. 3-5 long years for something that’s somehow worse than halo 5.
‘but how would the devs get paid if it’s free? god you’re so greedy’ if that’s the cost, potentially giving the devs less of a paycheck and smacking the faces of every halo fan, then DON’T MAKE IT FREE TO PLAY. bungie earned there fair share of money just off of the game price alone, the extra DLC was a bonus
‘oh so you’re accepting dlc but not paid cosmetics? hypocrit’ because maps have effort put into them. maps to be new and unique whiles also ballancing the sandbox that’l be in said map. cosmetics are just visual… they don’t have to try as hard and it comes off as lazy
‘but cosmetics are visual, thus not impacting the game, so shut up. free dlc is nice!’ free dlc isn’t dlc anymore though. it’s just an update at that point. so really there will be no ‘dlc’, just the game being updated, like how mcc was when halo 3 got new maps. so really, it’s not nice. because there is no dlc. there’s just paywalled cosmetics.
honestly this whole trend of ‘make game free so we have excuse to monetize everything in the game. and let’s half bake everything and say it’l be done post launch’ is stupid, and quite frankly i don’t enjoy it. because i don’t enjoy paying for a game that is not at all complete, and essential features or gameplay things that should’ve been in the game, be delayed further. seeing prices, a shop, and a battle pass all in my face. this is a video game, not a shopping mall
‘oh well then if you don’t like it, let’s see you do better’ i don’t have the time nor cash to do so. and that’s a terrible argument and goes to show how much of a bend over consumer you are. just because i can’t make a AAA game or make a high budgeted block buster movie, doesn’t mean that i can’t critisise them. with full knowledge that it could’ve been better in many ways.
‘well i don’t care about cosmetics, I just enjoy the gameplay’ good for you, if that’s how you play, then i respect that. but know that not everyone will enjoy the game the same way as you do. maybe if you opened your eyes you’d realize that people are patinate about this game franchise, and that this is kinda a important matter, given how out spoken most of the community is. gameplay is just part of a game, not the whole thing

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No one asked for it to be free to play. I want to pay money for a progression system like last Halo games. I don’t want to pay money for this.


Getting everyone to stop buying would get devs/execs to stop predatory practices like this. Voting with our wallets is the most powerful tool consumers have. Voicing concerns is another tool, but they look at money more. If no one buys, they have to rethink the model, simple as that.


I just hope there’s campaign specific challenges that are actually tough to achieve that reward armor. I know there was that ‘leak’ floating around that there isn’t, but that’s largely been debunked now.

Seeing someone with cool armor at this point isn’t the same because I realize they just bought it. If there’s an armor set for beating the campaign on legendary, hopefully chief’s, that’s all I’m going to wear anyway. Something earned is always more impactful than something bought.


But is it one whale to 16 players? If there were 17 players per whale, they’d make more money off of a $60 model. They’d also have the respect of more people, which is helpful if they’re trying to build a long term player base, which they claim they’re doing.

Also, I’m not sure all the “whales” are going to spending $1000. The collective price of all store bundles was that much, but a lot literally are incompatible with each other. If someone had money to burn, but doesn’t like one armor core, why would they buy everything for it? So I’d wager some of the whales are spending less than $1000. So for them you’d need less than 17 players to make more money off a $60 model.

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Yeah, I agree about the armors just meaning someone bought it. And it sucks for people that actually work to unlock armors. If I put in all the effort to get to 100 in a battle pass how will people tell I didn’t just buy it? And I know, I probably shouldn’t care about that, but people are social creatures, so naturally, for a lot of us making it so someone can buy their way to 100 just devalues the armor we worked for.

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I’m the opposite problem. I am literally cashed up and ready to spend… but there nothing has come up to my liking.

Waiting patiently…

So yes, that $60 still matters which is why they’re still trying to charge $60 for the campaign. They want that too.

Also, I don’t know how much each person will spend but many people will just buy almost everything they can. That store is only at about $1,000 right now but it’s going to keep getting refreshed and people will keep buying stuff. That’s a huge part of how this is set up. It’s designed to keep putting forth new things for whales to buy. That’s why we have these limited time events like we have right now. I’m willing to bet that before long the total amount of money you could theoretically sink into this game will be into five figures and keep going up. Along with that the math just gets better and better. If you get one dude to pay $10,000 then that offsets 166 individual purchases and yes, people will spend that much on games for some reason. IMO it’s not right to even allow people to spend that much. Just seems unethical to me.

Seriously this is how EA makes so much of their money from Ultimate Team in FIFA and Madden. The $60 games are nothing compared to the people that spend thousands of dollars on cards in the shops to build their teams. “In its annual report, EA confirmed that it made $1.6 billion from game sales from April 2020 to March 2021. That amount was dwarfed by their “Live Services and Other” income which amounted to $4bn over the same 12 months.” It’s shocking really.


You know the game is gonna be a platform for 10 years something like WoW with its expansions
This was said by Chris Lee’

New campaign, weapons, enemies, vehicles, story and maps for mp etc.
So maybe in 1-3 years they come out with a new expansion with stuff listes above.

But even though how amazing that sounds like, i dont believe it before i see it.

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What’s interesting is that this is not a true F2p game that shops were created for, but the shop is being used as if it is :thinking:

What makes it worse is there really isn’t any “F2p” content that has been added so far to justify 343 actions., period. Yet, were are expected to pay $60 for a campaign off of word of mouth.

Go take a look at actual F2p games and see how much content has been added to those games, and some of them have PvP/PvE. No, people, I don’t care about how the games play, if it’s p2w, etc… I’m talking about the content being offered vs just PvP maps this company is using to justify the way overpricing and locking players out.

I don’t like the Bungie today, but at least they actually offer the player base content.

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The players are 100% to blame. None of it falls on 343i. They saw the way players swarmed to cosmetics and battle passes with CoD, Apex, Fortnite, PUBG, etc so of course they wanted a slice of the pie. I don’t know why people are surprised.

Is the progression system too slow? Eh maybe. I’m sitting at tier 29 after a week. That’s nearly a 1/3 of the way done, one week into the MP’s launch, and I haven’t spent a dime on extra tiers. The season runs til the end of May and at this rate I’ll be done with the battle pass before Christmas. I mean these people are -Yoink!- about something so minute. It’s not like you get any clear advantage. And obtaining cosmetics in Halo 5 was far more predatory. You had a snowballs chance in hell of getting one from a bundle. You couldn’t just buy a full set of armor. You were playing the -Yoink!- lottery. Will you get a piece of armor or you umpteenth vehicle/weapon/ability for Warzone Firefight. At least with Infinite you know what you’re getting.

Thank you. But for some reason these some of these so called “fans” of Halo don’t realize what they are doing.

Your post is just fuming with sodium.
Parents money? You do know that probably 90% or more (this is my guesstimate of statistics) of the people that purchase things from in-game currency are usually hard-working adults.
Kid money goes nowhere but $20 in Vbucks.
But bro why complain about a game having microtransactions when its here let me break it to you

Wild i know developers that get paid hard money to feed their families need some way to get that money back. Video game industry is not charity or 501C3. Its a market, would you prefer to have games cost $ 90 retail but then you would be here complaining. Honestly keep this kind of talk out of waypoint man. We all love Halo and understand and respect every devs choice to have some sort of way to purchase items. Everything can be unlocked in game, you aint gotta spend your parents money.


I here yah there i have money stored just in case but i tend to not to like to buy unless its something i would like, like that Neko helmet