If you pay for cosmetics

While I do agree with you, not every player has the 12 hours we used to have as teens to spend playing video games and that is perfectly fine. If I can bypass a time wall with money, I will (to some extent).

I do disagree with the predatory prices/business practices when it comes to the shop and the “content” present in the battlepass, both for free players and paying ones.

Yes it is ridiculous that we have got to a point where we have to complain about color aka basic thing that we shouldn’t have to even complain about…which is ridiculous. What’s just as ridiculous is people defending this type of shady business. :-1:

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The progression system will kill this game before it gets out of beta if it isn’t fixed soon. The gameplay and the incentives are at odds with one another because challenges actively require you to do things that are not necessarily helpful to your team when it comes to winning the game.

When the fastest way to progress your career is to AFK or lose matches quickly, we definitely have a problem.


This honestly is a completely unfair comparison. You are comparing jumps that took months and years to discover to the a week old game.

Here is a random video in bazaar of a bunch of subtle geometry jumps:
h ttps://mDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=PYd4YKVJSIs

This is after just a few days of playing, from one random person online. What do you think will be discovered in the next year?

remove the space at the beginning, replace DOT with.

Personally I think these maps in infinite are great - much better than the average map from the last 3 games. There could be more visual variety and some more assymetrical maps but what we have so far is good.

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The reason why I think this will change is because I genuinely think it’s not the best way to make money, and clearly that is MS’s primary objective here.

Stuff is way overpriced at the moment, and that’s putting a lot of people off. Drop the pricing, and sort progression for people who’ve paid for the battle pass, including adding in some credits at various tiers. I think they’ll then sell a lot more stuff and make a lot more money in the long run, as people will see it as fair.

Look at Fortnite as an example, they are relatively generous with their offerings IMO. I don’t play it myself, but I bought the Battle Pass once for my son, and he earns enough credits each season to buy the next pass.

I’d just like to add, I do hate microtransactions. I’d rather just pay up front in the traditional way. However, if microtransactions have to happen, then better it’s cosmetics only, rather than pay to win.

If a company treats its workers like trash, and there’s a strike because of how aggressive and unfair they’re being and you still work there, then guess what? You’re a scab and it’s synonymous to this. You’re supporting the way they treat all of us, numbers mean everything to investors and companies, and you just made that graph $60 bigger so they can say “ah look the system works.” Some people can’t pay 60+ dollars on this game, in fact the next wave of cosmetics is rumored to be $1.7K, this is the most aggressive and horrid micro transaction scheme I’ve seen since BO3 and star wars battle front II (the newer one of course). You’re simply a part of the problem because you perpetuate this idea this company has that it’s okay to treat their fan base like cattle because when they grab your utters milk comes out.


Look at titanfall 2 for the answer to your question. They had bundles for $10, and they were above and beyond the customization scheme in the game. What they need to do is have good base customization, then from there add cosmetic items. You gotta admit, what they’re doing is super dirty, they took away custom colors and make you grind for the color purple, something I could easily get in any other halo game day one. There are plenty of free to play may work in halo, but I can say for sure that this is definitely not the way to do it. I highly recommend checking out hidden Xperia’s video on this, I cannot link it on here but he goes into great detail as to why this system is flawed.


The game is free, how do you want them to make money?


I kinda agree with you, but calling everyone who likes what they see in the bundles part of a problem is only gonna make this worse. this should be a forum for feedback, not screaming at others like a toddler on twitter.


Umm the same way every other game. does…by buying the game. The price of the game would have been the same price with campaign and multiplayer but maybe a little bit more expensive. There’s a big difference from paying £60 for a game compared to paying £200-£!000+ for a predatory system. We can support a game without blindly throwing money aimlessly. :thinking:

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TTK is literally on par with how it was in Halo 3. Are you more of a COD player? Just asking

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so you shame folks who do what they do? call me crazy but thats kinda wrong you cant control everyone’s wallets people have their own individual reason and choices fro how they spend their money its more down to the person that spends it on what they spend on forcing them or shaming them fro their choice isn’t gonna help anyone


i get where youre coming from, but please rephrase without being emotionally weak and toxic.
its hard but a standard to be heard imo

that being said: the ttk is a little low for me too, but i see where theyre coming from. Games evolve man and we gotta learn to adapt in these scenarios. (only talking about the ttk argument here)

I bought the knife bundle a couple days ago because I felt like it. It’s just cosmetics, don’t get why people get so passionate about it. It’s just a game but people act like their life is ruined because you can buy cosmetics in a free game, so dramatic in my opinion. I’ll do what I want with my money, thank you. It’s up to you if you want to be mad about it or just relax and have fun playing the game. It’s really not that big of a deal. Maybe pick up another hobby or something to give you some perspective because I think people really care too much about something so unimportant as a digital armour set or colour.


agreed what you do with your money is your business no one else and my knowledge of it should be well none as its not my business

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Agreed! I keep wondering if the players who are wearing a bunch of cosmetics they bought are at least a little embarrassed about it.

so you care what I do in my private life with my money here’s the answer: its none of your damn business what I do with my money worry bout your own and not others


You need to chill or go in time out young man * points to corner of room *

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Lol I think I found the guy who bought all the -Yoink!- 343 is selling on the store

I completely disagree. I think 343 got this right. Pay for cosmetics but not to make you a better player. I abhor games that if you pay you get better weapons, armor, and/or abilities. That’s pay to win and it ruins games.

I personally could care about cosmetics. A game is all about mechanics, design, and story for me. I could care less how good Craig looked. What I do care about is the mechanics of the game itself. That being said, to each their own. If other people enjoy cosmetics enough to pay extra then that’s their business. Let us not forget that this is just a game that we all play for fun. Don’t judge what other people consider fun.

Developers do this to make a profit. If that’s how people reward them then there’s nothing wrong with it at all, especially with the free to play mp.

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