If you pay for cosmetics

You are part of the problem with gaming today. It’s honestly mind boggling to me that people pay for things that should just be included in the game go begin with.

Gaming as a service… you people are insane. It’s gaming as a scam nothing more nothing less.

They’re feeding off wealthy players who have a limitless flow of cash from their parents and leaving anybody without money for that kind of thing or anyone with the capability of realizing how pathetic
it is to pay for what should be included In a MP game for free alienated from progression.

It’s like teasing players that are addicted to that sorta thing with the gameplay and then saying ya but if you don’t fork over cash no progression for you knowing that progression is part of what keeps players so hooked.

God, why does everything in gaming today just feel like such a slap in the face and a scam to the gamer today. And why do idiots go along with it ?

Atleast I’m seeing people calling out 343 on this. But if you’re someone that’s been letdown by the inclusion of pay to progress but your criticism of Infinite is all wishy washy and you’re giving them a break saying “they’re probably going to change it soon… at least the GAMEPLAY is fun!”

Then you’re part of the problem. You’re an enabler… even if you’re not completely getting on your knees and supporting this scam 100%.


It’s not a scam to pay for cosmetics. It’s perfectly okay not to buy them. I do think that the progression is a little whack for those who DO pay.


Not a scam I guess but it’s completely insane and I think its wrong for 343 to pray on idiots.

But I guess that’s business… just taken to an all new low.


You’re a clown and have your head so far in the sand you couldnt tell the difference between apple sauce and -Yoink!-. OP is right. You are part of the problem on a game that has a sandy foundation and is in the process of becoming a dumpster fire.

And the thing is the gameplay isn’t even that spectacular for this to be a little forgettable. The TTK is a mess, the meat and potatoes to halo are hardly prevalent. The only thing making this a halo title is minor nostalgic touches. And those are hardly there at times.


Whoa, did you buy a whole case of haterade before coming to this thread? Maybe you should lie down.


They are cosmetics, either support the game or don’t, they did a free to play model and if you want to pass on something you might like by all means, but I work and I’ll spend my money how I see fit


You can support the game by purchasing the full AAA price campaign.

In a normal world, that price (whether you actually intend to play campaign or not) would be enough to deliver a campaign AND mp AND progression.

Right so take free mp with progression and the if you’re all worried about supporting 343 buy the campaign.

You’re giving them a full AAA payment that should be enough.

Rather than forking over wads of cash to be able to progress god forbid a gamer get any skins and armor without draining their wallet in today’s harsh economic post covid 19 climate.

Hey at the end of the day, playing 343s game is supporting them. If they would’ve just included MP as part of the full AAA price package there wouldn’t be any issue… but y’know… greed is a thing


I’ll be straight with you, i’m rather annoyed. The fans gave 343 6-8 years of simple “how too’s” on making infinite an amazing game that the community has craved. To me the mark has been missed by a mile. They continue to literally go backwards on the simple things. I’ve been playing this game since 2001, and as a long time fan it’s embarrassing and a giant slap to the face. I don’t know who is calling the shots on this, whether its microsoft or 343 themselves but they should be ashamed.


It’s about time someone said it, they took away color customization, like dude it’s so dumb I can’t believe it. Emblem customization too, it’s just degrading. On the topic of cosmetics this game is absolutely ruined, and it’s all thanks to you people that support predatory micro transactions.



See I’m not waiting around and continuing to play hoping it will be changed. I’ve already uninstalled MP and reinstalled H5 with intent to start at the bottom and unlock everything again on a new account. I’ll just switch between H5 and MCC.

I honestly do prefer H5’s gameplay as of right now anyway. Maybe by some.miracle 343 will revamp Infinites’ MP but it needs a lot of work gameplay wise and with progression.

It is very frustrating. 343 has a rocky track record regarding Halo since they took over. They really let fans down with Halo 5s campaign and have taken forever and day making infinite… but the way they improved Halo MCC has really looked good on them the last few years really listening to fans and implementing our feedback through various updates.

Which is why it’s so frustrating that they’re about to ruin their reputation all over again…


Personally I prefer the model purely because I don’t usually change my armour much at all. So I’m happy to pay $10-$20 for the style I like the most.

The main reason I like it is because the game gets more focus on priority. It’s no secret that H5 did not get as much love and care or updates that it needed.


Be annoyed all you want, but you need to realize that you’re annoyed at the color blue and yellow, etc. That’s pretty ludicrous.


I’m more than willing to shell out $10 when a game pass comes along with the helmet/armor I want. But until then, the default choices/free progression is enough for me. However, I will advocate for cheaper prices (I probably would have already bought this pass if it were only $5).


See in that case, I don’t see an issue…Paying 20 bucks for your favorite armor set is whatever. I still think it shouldn’t cost anything and that MP shouldn’t be free to play… but its not terrible. If you’re happy with your favorite armor set then whatever.

But I personally enjoyed unlocking skins and opening req packs. It kept me busy while waiting in between matches in Halo 5…

Opening a req pack always gave me a dopamine release especially the Gold packs hahaha I’m sure of it.

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You don’t understand. What a shame. I have the money to buy the armor 10 times over, but thats not the point. Remember my comment when this game loses a majority of its population, and it will be remembered as another halo 4/5 failure. Stop white knighting for these greedy companies who don’t care about their dedicated fans. Opening up your wallet every weekend doesnt make you one.


The different armor sets for me blows, I dont get why we need 3 sets of armor instead of being able to mix and match as we please, kinda a weird move, but I’ll agree halo infinite has taken a lot of steps backwards, I get it’s technically a beta but I don’t get why they’re doing some of these moves


You can pay or not pay. That’s all it is. If you want to hold out on principle, go ahead. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you are—and I don’t feel out of line when I say this—probably holding your breath to think that it’ll change any time soon. This is the business model. And Halo 5 was a fabulous MP. Halo 4 not a great MP in my opinion and so I didn’t play it. No harm no foul. It makes no difference to me if a game is fun or not fun. Fun, I play. Not fun, I don’t play. Easy peasy.


I have spent about $60 on cosmetics so far. They are overpriced yes, but I wanted them and can afford them, so I bought them. Why does that make me ‘part of the problem’?


Haha I hated the warzone side of REQ packs but enjoyed the random armour and emblems and stuff. I was mainly looking for weapon coatings but got almost none!

I’m kinda glad it’s gone though as that is essentially a loot boox, which is random. I wouldn’t mind random rewards but only if you can’t pay for them.

Halo 5 was fun yes but personally I wouldn’t have played it nearly as long as I did without the req packs and free unlockables.

Yes it was fantastic game and gameplay really also played a large part in why I kept playing for so long which I usually never do with MP games… but it was a combination of the req system AND the great gameolay that kept me hooked for over 2 years.