If you love halo you will help me

this guy on youtube just posted a -Yoink- -Yoink- comment talking -Yoink- about halo “CoD is at least a legitimate PC title, that have always been a multiplat game. I played Halo 1 on PC and I didn’t see any groundbreaking in the first Halo and I wouln’t do it on Halo 4 if it would come out to PC today. Halo is the most Yoinking! milked game series that have been existing, close behind you find Gears of War. Non of this games are groundbreaking in the wide view of things. The only thing that makes them so special, is that Microsoft have claimed their hands over this games.”

Can somebody write a long reply just so I can put him in his place thanks.

Don’t throw the reply in his face though. -not that I think you will- Just ‘share the truth.’

Just ignore the video. Give it a dislike thingy and move on.