If you have a problem with halo 4

please voice your concerns in a clear and thought out manner.

it is called constructive criticism and debate, we aren’t 5.

I, for one, am tired of the threads that either bash the game for being a COD ripoff and threads telling those people to shut up.

lets grow up a little! no wonder the devs rarely post here…

My concerns about halo 4 are sprint, some of the AAs, and no ranking system. Thats it I like everything else so far!

thats good! it is good to have concerns, and thanks for not flaming :slight_smile:

did you know that frankie confirmed that sprint will be slowed when taking fire?

I also am looking forward to hearing about, hopefully, a ranking system.

Probably the biggest concern (and probably everybody else’s concern) is Ranking System.

While we can speculate and be skeptic about Halo 4, or have concerns, we can’t fully judge it until it’s out and right in front of us.

Debating and speculating is fine but for people to hate on it or call it a rip off is stupid. The game isn’t even out.

At first I was excited for Halo 4. I wasn’t a huge fan of Halo Reach and I was hoping that 343 would redeem the series with Halo 4. Then I heard a few details about the game and wasn’t sure how much I liked some of the things they were implementing.

I then read more about Halo 4 and my faith has been renewed. I’m really excited for this game and I can’t wait till it comes out.

My concerns are mostly about the ranking system considering we don’t really have an idea on what it will be like. Not that big of a fan of the idea of x-ray vision either. I’m also wondering what the loadouts/customization will be like.

I am happy that the sprint will be slowed when hit, but i just never really liked sprint. I thought it just never felt right. I am really hoping for the ranked system, I know a lot of people really want the ranked system so it keeps you eager for the next level and getting better etc.