If you had to pick... Firefight or Bot Matches?

I know everyone that plays firefight either:

a) Isn’t all that great at multiplayer matchmaking
b) Just likes to chill out and get some easy kills.

So here arises the question would you rather have Firefight or Bot Matches?

I think that firefight is pretty pointless but I do play a bunch of it when I am bored and don’t feel like playing regular matchmaking. If I had the choice though I would much rather have 343i spend a big chunk of their devs and time on multiplayer. Just think of the possibilities of Bot Matches that can’t really be accomplished with firefight… If we could have bot matches we could just straight up test maps before ever having to step foot into matchmaking. Figuring out weapon placement and all that fun stuff. We could also test user maps out because it would be much easier than finding a group big enough to test. And it would be a nice way for “bks” to practice. It would just make more sense than firefight.

How do you feel on this matter?

vote here

This is concerning any game in the near Halo future…

There is no option for both );

I didn’t put an option for both because I kinda figured if you had one you really wouldn’t need the other. And I wanted to see which would be more favored. I would take bot match over firefight any day. So many better things could come out of it. Inluding the ability to set up a firefight-like game on multiplayer maps. Which did you pick? I honestly don’t see how someone could want firefight over bot match.