If you had to get rid of one class of weapons...

If you had to get rid or or take out of many playlists (i.e make very rare) Which Halo weapon class would you take out of Halo 4.

Precision Weapons: Battle Rifle, DMR, Pistol, Needle Rifle, Carbine. ETC

Power Weapons: Rocket Launcher, sword, Sniper, Fuel Rod, Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher. Beam Rifle, ETC

Standard Weapons: Assault Rifle, SMG, Plasma Rifle, Repeater, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Pistol, Spiker, Sentinel Beam, Shotgun ETC

You can only pick one, and you can’t change it.

For example

Taking out Precision Weapons: Would make the game more about power weapons and close combat. A lot of variety still. However may result in power weapon hoarding. Sniper=oh my

Taking out Power Weapons: Would just have a normal slayer match with normal guns. However no more sniping, or anti-vehicle weapons. So good luck with that.

Taking out Standard weapons would kill the entire variety and depth of the game. Power Weapons would still have an advantage and some custom games would no longer be aval. Imagine Zombies with no swords or shotguns…

melee weapons.

That would be too easy of a choice.

I like challening people. I mean some people would think taking out standard weapons are fine. Yet then imagine Halo without the fun custom games. A Halo with just DMR vs BR and SNiper Matches, it would be like taking Halo and then making it grey.

And if you take out DMR and BR stuff then you would make power weapons too damn powerful and cheap.

So it’s hard to choose between “DO I want variety and fun but bad balance in MM or Do I wan’t a grey n black style gameplay but pretty balanced, Or Do I wan’t to no longer snipe or be able to take on vehicles…”

Precision Weapons

It would make for taking down those with Power Weapons much more deviously fun. Like trying to kill a Professional Sniper Player in 2Fort in Team Fortress 2.

Lots of lulz to be had >:3

It would be fun, But then there would need to be new factors in Halo 4.

Probably the standard niche weapons, since they’re used the least and are the most situational.

It’s a really tough choice, but I’d either go with precision weapons or power weapons.

More votes

I would take out standard weapons for sure. Taking out power weapons would remove the secondary objective in the game, which is to gain control over power weapons to solidify a lead. Taking out precision weapons would completely kill everything that is fun in the game and remove 90% of the skill. Taking out standard weapons would just make it so I don’t have to look for a real gun whenever I spawn.
Also I would have classified shotguns and grenade launchers as power weapons.

You are missing a category. Niche weapons. The grenade launcher and shotgun are niche weapons that differ vastly from the assault rifle and plasma rifle.

In Halo, the best categorization for weapons is the following;
Basic slaying weapons- AR, BR, Pistol, SMG, Plasma Repeater, Spiker, etc…
power weapons-Sniper, Rockets, sword, Hammer,
niche weapons-Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Plasma Pistol/Rifle, etc…

The AR and BR are both basic slaying weapons, however if you want to break it down into precision weapons vs standard weapons, standard weapons have to go. Anyone who disagrees is simply bad at Halo and doesn’t want to be forced to use a weapon that punishes their lack of skill. And precision weapons offer more variety in gameplay that most other basic slaying weapons.

Standard Weapons

I would say remove standard weapons.

However the Sandbox is designed so that each weapon is unique and each have different roles.

Double post :’(

precision weapons, just so all the complainers quit -Yoinking!- about how they aren’t balanced or don’t play right in this iteration as opposed to the last… XD

I would just take out the silly nonsense weapons that were only added into reach to attract new players who have the mindset “ZOMFG SHINY NEW TOYZ”

But whats listed in the poll is just plain silly. Take away any of those and it isn’t halo :confused: there should be a “none of the above” option. Or none of the below, depending on where you put it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t decide :confused:

As a poster previously said. I would eliminate the melee weapons, the sword and the hammer.

> As a poster previously said. I would eliminate the melee weapons, the sword and the hammer.

But tho9se are not part of the categories. If they were, it would be an easy choice.

Currently 7 vote’s for removal of precision weapons…

… i honestly am shocked to see that and no offense intended but surely the people who voted for that are joking?

If you voted

Precision: Congrats. You elimated your utility weapons. Now Power Weapons are 2x more OP and the game’s battles will now be longer and closer range.

Power Weapons: Vehicles and such are going to destroy you. The battles will be normal, but you can never snipe anymore neither, remember.

Standard: You not only killed half the games weapons, You also killed most of the custom games you would ever have. MM may be fine, Customs would be terrible.

Move on.