If you had to choose

If 343 had to pick one ore the other to save money What would you pick?
Keeping HaloWay point forum’s and better Spartan profile options with game and clan stats and video and pictures or do we keep Halo 5 muteplayer servers going?

  • Forums and more in game pag features.
  • Keeping Halo 5 muteplayer online.

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Man im going to miss texting with all of you here on waypont.

I dont believe keeping these forums alive is a matter of money. They are paying for the halowaypoint.com domain and it’s space anyway.

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That a good point but why shut down the forums if thay still can keep them running?

The most likely answer is 343 didn’t like what was being discussed here on their official forums. And if they wanted to police the forums any harder they would have to start paying for it.

Depends on two things… Is the information here worth investing money for that you can easily get other places like reddit. If I can get everything I need over there, then these forums don’t serve a purpose.

and lastly, is keeping Halo 5 have a strong enough player base to warrant keeping that online service alive or is it time to move on.

Then you weigh the pros and cons of both and hit the one that’s under preforming the worst over the other, or if it’s bad enough, drop both altogether.

As mentioned in other threads, Reddit is an echo chamber and rarely provides any sort of meaningful discussion and Discord…well it’s a mess, things get lost there and its even harder to have any kind of real conversation. I’m sure they’re putting ‘all of their eggs’ into monitoring Discord instead of caring about these forums any longer.

@Invoked_by_Red has set up a forum.
That’s where I’ll probably head over to and try to keep a conversation with you guys going.