If you don't like BR starts then you probably suck

To all the people complaining that BR starts aren’t fun, or break the game then I have news for you. You are unskilled and instead of trying to get better you just want 343 to hand you kills with an OP weapon like the AR. It doesn’t take skill to just hold the trigger down from 3 feet away and kill someone in half a sec. Learn to use precision weapons properly.
By having the game start with a weapon that actually takes skill it forces people to play smart instead of just sprinting around the map and spraying anything that moves. Team BRs require your team to establish map control and pay attention to their sight lines as team shotting will dominate the enemy. If you want an automatic weapon that kills people ridiculously fast and from a absurd distance then I have good news for you. CoD has an active community and i’m sure that they are looking for new people :wink:

ARs are for people that can’t aim for -Yoink-.