If You Don’t Have/Use a Microphone, Stay OUT of Ranked Matches

Sick and tired of people coming into ranked without using a microphone. You cannot win games consistently without communication. You ever hear a silent team on the Pro circuit? Hell no. It’s constant chatter. Yet when I play ranked, pure silence. Stay in the unranked lobbies if you don’t want to talk. Period.


May be worth your while having a read of this thread on that subject:

Play with a party if it bothers you so much or don’t play ranked until you can.


You’d love me - my jump buttons broken and I’ve been playing ranked today.

No Mic either…. Ssshhh!

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I’ve played over ‘200’ ranked games solo (more if you count separate ranked modes), I’m going to say that your statement is blatantly false (if it is solely based on voice coms). Also, if you were confident in what you were posting, why are you posting on an alt account? Seems to me that you don’t want people seeing your stats and pointing stuff out you could personally improve on. There is no record of any ranked matches on ‘Halo Tracker’ with anyone named ‘II_Sh4rK_280_II.’

Also, I have voice volume at zero, forever. I don’t need an emotionally unstable kid screaming in my eardrums because he is unhappy with his own performance and wants to project his rage onto the team, or someone playing crappy background music the entire match, ect. ect. I use the marking system effectively, which everyone can see, every match. By giving my team current enemy positions in real time, that is sufficient communication. You can even ping what ‘Stronghold’ points you would like your team to capture or defend.


Although I agree about the winning point you make, tell 343i to not make challenges that force you to play ranked arena.

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Nah, the mark function is more than enough. I play ranked solo/duo with controller, and I win multiple games every night.

Anything that forces something on the player is bad design. I bet there are a ton of players who can’t speak, or have other speech impediments, have extreme social anxiety, or just plain don’t like to talk to rando strangers. No reason to hurt all those players because of a loud vocal minority’s ego.

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I usually take a mic, don’t really understand all the call outs though.

It does help having mics for quick comments shout outs.

I get your point that a talking team will usually have a much bigger advantage than a non talking team.

I searched him just fine…

Haha you just went off on this man lol!

I agree there should be more in game communication, however the spot assist or tagging is sufficient enough,

I have everyone muted. Lol…

With that said. I always double up with the first person I see, so I’m usually following someone. Also i mark/spot my opponents alot.

When I had voices on it was just people playing music or talking about everything but the game… Which caused me to not be able to hear footsteps.

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