if you could pick one mythic certification what

Hey guys! If you could pick one mythic certification what would it be? I would either pick taturuses gavel or norfang.


Nornfang until the end of time.

Prophets Bane

CE pistol or nornfang

Either prophets bane or nornfang

CE Pistol. No doubt.

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> Phaeton.

That is not mythic. Interestingly, I only have mythic certifications left to get, and would definitely choose nornfang if I could.


Whispered Truth. I would love it if we had a loadout silenced Magnum.

I would have usually said nornfang, but tartarus 'gavel just slays anything. It’s the only mythic (except norn) I can reliably run out of ammo with.


Prophets Bane or if a vehicle Phaeton.


Combat Evolved Pistol.

I would say CE pistol, but I already have it.

Eh I’ve got all of them, was hyped for oathsworn but it’s not really anything specials. Nornfang is cool but it gets boring.
i prefer prophets bane and tartarusus gavel since you have to be in the centre of action and be on your toes at all times

Tartarus gavel, underrated weapon and my personal favorite

Athlon Champion armour and helmet, the only thing i cant get :confused:

Phaeton or the heartseeker