If you could only have one weapon skin.....

If you could only have one weapon skin for each load out gun what would it be

I would like to see national flags for every gun. Like if you pick up the sniper or whatever other power weapon it automatically has the skin you have set for it or something. I think that would be cool

I’ll do my best to remember the names, but some of them I’m really indifferent about, while others I will probably never change.

Pistol: Spirit of Fire
SMG: Master Control
AR: Old Abe
BR: HCS Blue
DMR: Gold Standard

Assault Rifle: Sharktooth Grin
Battle Rifle: Bloodthirst
DMR: Landgrave
SMG: Bracer
Magnum: Noble Team
I never change these skins.

Default (no Skin), its just looks better… and normal

The only skins I really use are the 343 Skins for my AR and Magnum.

My choice
Ar: Default
Br: Default
Dmr: Default
SMG: Default
Magnum: Default

Tbh im not very fond with H5’s weapon skins, mostly I choose to keep default but I really dislike the weapon skins in the game

My current setup is my Choice:

Assault Rifle: Fire Unicorn
Battle Rifle: Green Machine
DMR: Green Machine
SMG: Green Machine
Magnum: Green Machine

These colors work best with my Spartan and Sporting the Fire Unicorn Weapon skin awarded to me by Grimbrother One is always nice as well. Any other weapon skins for me would be for specific screenshots of other/random Spartans.

It would be nice for the CHL variant of the Storm Rifle skin as well as the ENG variant of the Covenant Carbine from Halo 4 to return though in a future Halo title.

AR- ice unicorn
Magnum- Noble team
Smg - last Dawn
Dmr - clash
Battle rifle - bracer

The one that has that Tron look to it. :sunglasses: