If you could make one adjustment to 3 REQS,

If you could make ONE Adjustment to 3 REQS, which includes base forms as well, what would it be? Mine would be:

  • Binary Rifle. ALL VARIANTS
    Let’s face it, the Binary Rifle is, well, trash. The beam is just TOO Bright, and it’s quite hard to keep the whole beam on your target. I’d make the Laser Targeter more transparent. - Oathsworn
    Seriously?! The Oathsworn in literally a NORMAL shotgun with a speed boost. Apparently it’s a Lawgiver w/ speed boost, but I can’t really see any Lawgiver Traits in this. Blaze of Glory, a RARE shotgun, is better than this ULTRA RARE MYTHIC shotgun. If this thing deserves to be a mythic weapon, let alone an Ultra Rare, it should DEFINITELY get a good range boost, and/or swap the speed boost for a damage boost or invis. - Whiplash and Arclight
    Alright. Remember when Whiplash got nerfed?
    I want it re-buffed.
    BUT, make Whiplash and Arclight switch rarities. Arclight is great, but Whiplash is better.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what you guys want, and provide some feedback to mine.