If you could have only ONE weapon to use in Halo Infinite Campaign or MP

If you could have only have ONE weapon to use in Halo Infinite Campaign or MP which would you choose?
Personally i’d lean towards the BR. Always been a fan of how it handles and stuff. Could use some tweaks but overall im happy.

The assault rifle feels terrible to me atm. Might as well use the sidekick instead.

Probably the Disrupter

Not for any tactical advantage, I’m just evil & wish to electrocute everything I see (★‿★)

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haha. See that would be fun actually. Used to do that with the needlers till people blew up. it was comical.

The DMR…
Always, the DMR…

Out of Halo: Infinite’s sandbox? I have to go with the AR. Unlike the AR in previous games, this one can actually hold its own in most scenarios.

I’d pick the plasma grenade

The Halo C.E. shotgun hands down. I miss my 8 gauge so much!!! every game the shotguns get progressively worse and I wont pick up the bulldog at all >,>

Probably AR or BR.
I feel like AR may be more well rounded than BR as it still has decent range but absolutely shreds at close range.