If you could have any weapon IRL

If you could have one weapon with ammo from any Halo game which would it be and why?

I’ve got a go for the Mauler. It’s not as big as a shotgun but packs just as much punch.

I’d love to have a plasma grenade in my hands and plenty of spares.

I would definitely have to have the Battle Rifle, as it is my all time favourite weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

Prometean : Light Riffle.
Covenant : Energie Sword.
UNSC : H3 odst SMG.

Gravity hammer

Energy Sword bro

UNSC DMR from Halo Reach
covenant Brute fire Grenade from Halo 3

Bip. Bap. Bam. I would like the automag.

I want 2 energy swords so i can go all swords of sangheilos. and do what anakin did to dooku. So sweet.

For me this gets broken out into two categories. 1) weapons that would look really cool and 2) weapons that would actually be useful.

However powerful the rocket launcher or Spartan Laser would be, they’re not terribly cool looking weapons for display and they’re not useful at all in everyday life.

So I would say 1) Needler and 2) Energy Sword - easily the coolest looking weapons of the series

And for most useful, either 1) Reach DMR (powerful rifle) or 2) Halo 2 magnum

I would keep m6d magnum from halo ce. It is a pocket shotgun and also a pocket marksman weapon. It has high power and a scope. Other guns are good but magnum has been a legacy weapon from 2001. Moreover I played original ce on pc (non mcc) and I was able to take hunters out only in one shot at their back. Also this pistol gives strongest meele attack than other pistols.

Needler. Who doesn’t want to get rid of their enemies in a glorious pink explosion?

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> If you could have one weapon with ammo from any Halo game which would it be and why?

Probably the Skewer, but I wouldn’t be able to even pick it up IRL.

A Halo… joke. Seriously I would not mind a Fuel rod cannon.

The Assault Rifle

Scarab Gun, easy choice.

for me it would be the Brs without hesitation.

I think the energy sword

Halo Reach Scarab Gun

modders found the scarab gun information coded into Halo Reach, even though the gun never makes an appearance in the game. It does 30x the damage and has twice the range of even the Halo 2 scarab gun.


alternatively I’ll take a Punic-class supercarrier, since UNSC ships are just big weapons with engines built on.