If you could disable one cosmetic only?

What item would it be and why?

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Kill Effects, I just find they get a bit too loud & distracting at times


I’d rather 343i not waste their time on meaningless changes to the game when there are significantly larger problems with the game that should be delt with first.

Let them prioritize and focus on them first.

While I can agree, the added sound effects and the skull for the fire one are a little over the top. I will admit they also are really good for kill confirms as well, if you’re willing to give that up. Helps keep reaction times when you know the instant a target dies so you can move onto other targets.

Kill effects for sure. They add extra lag in high ping games, which unfortunately this game has many of


100% All kill effects.

Ironically I have the lone Wolf kill effect enabled because I wanted to see if it was just as annoying for the killer as for the dier (yes, that is a new word). Unfortunately I am unable to change any of my cosmetics while searching for a game due to silly restrictions. So, who knows how long until I remove it for myself.


There already is a kill effect tick without the kill effects. Right now all it does is flashbangs the target you killed or attempt to crash their driver. I’m all in favor of kill effects being an option to disable on the client side. I hate it and never wanna see it.

Now the title of this thread is to disable one cosmetic, not one type of cosemetic so I am going to say the wolf kill effect.

If we are going with a cosmetic type, I’m going to say helmets just to be difficult. (Though it would be kill effects for real.)

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Me. That way I don’t have to search for active camo all the time.

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Kill effects. When these were something that you equipped for yourself, to have occur when you were killed, they were fine. Making them something you equip that affects what other players see and even hear when they die? That’s too far, IMO.

I think players should have very granular control over their own Spartans, but that their customization choices shouldn’t be able to directly affect other player’s Spartans.

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Too many people have said kill effects, so I’ll throw two more in:

All armor effects with fire, because for whatever reason the fire moves at like 6 FPS and looks about as good as an Aqua Teen Hunger Force explosion.

The other one is the cringe cat ears.


Usually when you kill someone the game has this icon or medal that says, Kill award… And the player feed shows you and tells everyone you killed them.

Generally you’re focused around your crosshairs when you fight people. It’s small at most, but and edge is an edge. Several games have implemented features into their game because it boosts reaction speed for people.

I would remove gray armor coatings

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Honestly we need a toggle for all non cannon content. No holographic mohawks, no cat ears and no non cannon armor.

MCC did this by allowing us to toggle on/off new content so we only see legacy content. I’m honestly torn between have it on or off because I think the new elite armor and Halo online stuff is fine. Maybe not amazing, but I can tolerate it. The new stuff they added later was when I really wanted to turn off new content. The non cannon Nordic inspired fracture armors are just to much and to far departed from the classic content for me to even want to be forced to see it. Sad thing is that the toggle would remove the HO stuff as well as the nortic and I do use a few pieces from HO (legs and arms).

It would be nice if we had a piece by piece toggle so that would could select exactly what we don’t want to see. For both MCC and Infinite. That’s most certainly never going to happen, but I can at least suggest it so others can ponder on the idea themselves.


The sound from the kill effects

The -Yoink!- cat ears and kill effects. Nothing aggravates more than when an entire team has a kill effect. Mostly the latest one, so wolf and war. I listen to music mostly when I’m playing team modes, but even with my music bumpin, all i hear is that stupid howl. C’mon, its fricken old after the 2nd time.

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The huge word Kill popping up in the middle of the screen when you get a kill seems to work for me… Also the other guy dying… This ain’t BAttlefeild man your not far enough away to see if you killed a guy or not

You’ll have to pry my cat ears off my cold, dead head.

I would personally want to erase the VFX of the respawns we have on our Visual Effects.
Popping into existence with a flash of dazzling lights just makes me suddenly look in the direction of whoever spawned in, allowing me to pop-in a few shots before they are even spatially aware.

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Too fortnite for my taste.

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