If you could create your own "Skull", what would it do?

I was recently looking at some really old Halo Custom Edition gameplay and saw some of the debug cheats. Which got me thinking, some of these should totally be skulls! So, I’m going to list a couple that I think would be great as skulls. Feel free to write your own down below!

Bump Possession” allowed the player to switch characters by bumping into them. I think this would be a great skull as it allows the player to play as any ally or enemy in the game. Players have already experienced what it’s like to play as something else with the help of Halo 2’s AUP Glitch, but that requires alot of set up before hand.

I would also like to see some kind of “Forge” Skull, which allows the player to spawn objects like in the Forge Gamemode.


To be honest, I’d create something really simple: Paintball. A skull that, when activated, turns bullets into paintball pellets. A classic video game cheat/mode if there ever was one.

Continuing the “classic video game cheats” idea, I’d also create a skull labelled “Bighead” where every character has a huge noggin.


Gruntchuck skull, replaces fusion coils with suicide grunts :joy:



it would most definitely spawn extra enemies.

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Ricochet Skull
All bullets/projectiles bounce off every surface even armor and the only way to kill is to bounce bullets/projectiles off something before it hits an enemy.

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Gold Skull: when activated all weapons become one shot.
Green Skull: when activated all enemies shields rapid recharge and at full regeneration becomes overshield
Diamond Skull: when activated player has infinite active camo, but lose one HUD for every death.

The skull would be called The Hulk, and when holding it you can not die and you get one hit kills but when you drop it you are “stuck” in place for 2 min, transformation time.


Powerless, removes all power-weapons from the map.

My idea applies to Halo 5, but a skull that makes it so when you pick a weapon up it would be a random REQ variant of that weapon. I.E. Pick up a shotgun you could get the base shotgun, the Lawgiver, or the Blaze of Glory.

Apply that same logic to all weapons.


High Roller
Kills grant a random boon

Basically, every kill will grant you with a random buff or debuff, ranging from double damage & low gravity to no shields & -50% movement speed, the effect with last for 15 seconds each and boons stack, making for some chaotic luck of the draw moments.

How Do You Like It”: with this skull activated, you spawn in at the end of the level as a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer and Fuel Rod Cannon. Your arrow buttons are commands for your Brute Pack (Go There/Attack that target, Fall back, Throw Grenades, send in suicide grunts) You’d have a little bit of time to get ready, then Master Chief arrives with Blue Team (standard difficulty roughly equivalent to a LASO playthrough).

(The concept is like the “Chicken” cheat code in the original star wars rogue squadron game, which gives you a bonus level where you’re in an ATST, attacking a base that’s not part of the main campaign.)

Mainly going for humor but I would call mine cluster grunt which would cause grunts to spawn grunts when the kill is a body shot.

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Arnt we getting weapon variants in Infinite? This could also apply to Infinite, depending on how many variants there are.

Maybe make the game glitch but on purpose so it doesn’t crash but you have to reaction fast and you can never expect what happens

I’d make fiesta fighter, every time you kill an enemy your weapon changes to a random weapon

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Upon killing an enemy with a precision shot, a random sound byte goes off.

Fisticuffs: BXR combo, active for 7 seconds, cooldown 15.

Concussion rider: Explosions do not kill you, only push you.

Moon jumper: Jump double the height.

This is a very good idea for a skull, although I’d probably alter it a little bit. Either make it every 5 or so kills before it changes, or maybe add a time limit to it so that after X amount of seconds after killing your last enemy it changes to another weapon. This would make for some very interesting situations no doubt. Also I doubt it’d be that difficult to implement since we already have these Fiesta style game types in game already.

:rofl: That would be fun! Maybe a Skull that enables/disables sprint, depending on the game, :wink: Maybe one that makes Mongeese fly upside down?

Hot potato, every kill makes you switch to a completely random weapon. (Think there already is a skull called this though…)