If You Could Create a H5 Skull...

Name? What would it do? Silver (fun) or gold(game modifier)?

Name: Promethean Party Pack

Type: Silver Skull

Effect: On top of the orange coloring seen in game, Knights, Crawlers, Watchers, and Soldiers now light up in various colors including red, green, purple, yellow, and even cyan!

Every time a player scores a kill, all enemies on the battlefield randomly trade positions.

Actual Tilt
Gravity gently shifts direction over time, as if the game world were attached to a slow-moving pendulum.

Wrong place, Wrong time
Every osiris mission is played as blue team, every blue team mission is played as osiris. This allows for ATS on blue team missions.
Grenades might not be what you think they are. Every grenade thrown is randomno matter whats picked up, and your grenade count is disabled.
I’ll think of more…

> 2533274843742113;2:
> Shuffle
> Every time a player scores a kill, all enemies on the battlefield randomly trade positions.
> I like this one!
> Actual Tilt
> Gravity gently shifts direction over time, as if the game world were attached to a slow-moving pendulum.
> This would probably require a substantial re-tooling of the physics engine :confused:

As for mine:

When you kill an enemy by melee, they are resurrected as allies.

Giddy Up
Allies will mount/sit on your shoulders as if it was a vehicle passenger seat.

VoodoUsing the skull acts like the gravity gun from Half Life.

The Bosses Bandana
Upon aggroing enemies or being spotted in plain sight, you will revert checkpoint.

Basically, the sneaking missions from mgs, where you have to kill enemies from behind and never let them see you directly. This would require that snipers aren’t aimbot -Yoinks!- like in previous games, which I hope is changed, because then you’d be seen pretty automatically. Getting in vehicles doesn’t count as they can’t identify you.

Malfunction: Thruster pack works in reverse. (Thrust to left would go right, etc.)

Orbital: Ground pound takes twice as long to charge but creates a massive explosion at the point of contact.

Slippery: Sliding travels faster and further.

Strongside: Spartan Tackle can easily displace solid objects. (Crates, barrels, etc.)

Wrong Backpack: Loadouts are randomly selected from the available characters everytime you spawn. (eg: Kelly can randomly spawn with any of Blue Team’s loadouts)

Sacrifice: Reviving teammates depletes all of your shields. If you have no shields, you die.

Torment: Slowly disables your HUD and Spartan Abilities over time. Resets on death. Enemy kills will restore missing HUD elements and abilities.

Thought of more:
Roulette: 1/6 chance of your gun actually firing when you pull the trigger. No loss of ammo when it fails to fire.
0% walkspeed, use thrusters to move.

> 2533274843742113;2:
> Actual Tilt
> Gravity gently shifts direction over time, as if the game world were attached to a slow-moving pendulum.

I want this skull. Imagine driving a Warthog with this active.

Every gun becomes a ‘Dubstep Gun’, firing colored light and vastly increasing the bass of the firing sounds. Enemies killed with Enrave active begin breakdancing when they hit the ground.

Silences all normal sound but adds a ragtime piano track and sepia-tone film grain effect to the screen. Game speed increases 200% and respawns happen instantly.
This skull disables achievements and leaderboard tracking, but does not affect scoring.

Michael Bay Presents: HaloEverything explodes when killed. Grenades explode with rocket-levels of force. Vehicles go nuclear at the slightest provocation. The Mantis can now turn into a Sparrowhawk.

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Overclock: All Spartan Abilities have zero charge-up and zero cooldown. You’re basically Iron Man.

No ears: Ai will not listen to your commands

Skull Name: Nightmare.

Skull Type: Gold.

Effect: Enemy corpses revive after several seconds unless disintegrated or otherwise removed from the map. To compensate, player ammo on basic human weapons (AR, BR, DMR, SMG, Magnum) regenerates over time.

Retrograde: Reticule is at max bloom by default, but firing the weapon shrinks the reticule to its normal size. (Automatics become more accurate the more they’re fired)

Inversion: Player’s vision is upside down

Nitro: All vehicles are 50% faster

Smash: Killing an enemy with a melee hit causes them to fly away

Vampire: When enemies attack you, their shields recharge equal to 25% of the damage inflicted.

> 2533274894985914;10:
> No ears: Ai will not listen to your commands

I like this, but maybe ‘Deaf’ would be a better name since we have a ‘Blind’ skull already in the game.

Melee oriented combat, weapons only shoot once before reload, but need a full clip for a shot (to simulate bows and arrows), grenades and melee weapons are unnaffected. Grab a sword and get ready to strafe!

I Regret everything!
Type: gold
Effect: all grunts on every mission will disappear from there original location, everytime you find a secret area all the grunt will come out of the wall and say “I regret everything” and explode 20 times. Why 20 times? Because why not.

Also if you stand there they will kill you and are super fast and have damage resistance. :wink:

Look out for the Little Guys
All members of Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris, including players, will take the appearance of Grunts. Player traits will be completely unchange, and the Grunt Birthday Skull will apply to you if it is enabled.

Hmm… How about a split screen skull?

Helmet skull
Effects: Enemies, Allies and You no longer suffer increased damage to the head but body shot damage is increased by 50%.

Here’s a good one:

Whenever you kill an enemy, two more of that type are spawned in.

Doomsday (100 points if you get the reference)

Dropping an enemy’s shields makes their shields immune to that damage type. Dropping their shields a second time will remove the immunity to the first damage type. (If you drop an Elite’s shield with an assault rifle but you don’t finish him off, when his shields recharge they will be immune to “regular bullets” and you’ll have to hit him with plasma, hardlight, or explosive damage)