if you could chose five new vehicals for halo 4 forge what would they be and which one vehical would

Hello again spartans i would like to know what vehicals you want for forge. mine would be

  1. hawk

  2. rhino

  3. wolverine

  4. cyclops “still debating if this goes in vehical category”

  5. locust “oh yeah”

I personally would rid of the prowler its just not usefull to me.

now lets see your opinions. P.S. THIS IS SPARTA!!!:p!!!

  1. Transport Falcon please (with seats for objective carriers or people with their own weapons)

Imagine lasering another Falcon out of the sky with your Falcon. It would be a make-shift Hawk! xD

  1. Locust. As per above: Oh yeah! xD

  2. Return of the Spectre

  3. Return of the Elephant??

I’d love the Hawk to be playable. Anything else would just be useless, ya know? :wink: