If you could change Halo 4 to anything.

What would you do with it?

For starters I would’ve left Halo 4 on more a cliff hanger about Cortana instead of killing her off and hinted at her being revived in a future game.

Then I would nerf the DMR’s kickback and bloom.

Then 1-50, but that is coming.

I would remove the instant spawn option, really makes small maps feel clunky.

I would add Doubles, Grifball, and Snipers.

I would remake The Pit, we need the best competitive map to come back.

Visible ping represented in MS…Everything is fine or I’m willing to adapt to.

I hate it when game developers make these stupid scoreboards with all this crap and empty space and they dont put in the ping. BF3’s scoreboard is horrendous, there’s huge gap on the board but they dont even put ping bars in them while the PC gets ping.

Ping is my only pet peeve. Everything else in Halo 4 is fine.

I would make the hitboxes smaller. It’s too easy to get headshots which really lowers the skill ceiling. Other than that I love this game. The campaign is perfect and Spartan Ops is really fun.

I would like the inclusion of Sangheili (Elites) in possibly and render/update and/or Downloadable Content. It was unfair for them to be excluded in the first place, and I will not rest until I see them returned to their rightful positions.

I would:

Remove join in progress option.

Add the playlists Multi-Team, Team Doubles, Snipers and Swat.

Nerf the DMR.

Buff the Thruster Pack.

I would change the sound of the warthog, wraith, and forge ball