If you could BRING BACK 1

If you were granted the power to bring back ANY playlist for HALO 3 for the remander of Halo 3 what would it be and why

Options to choose from
double xp

Mine would have to be RANKED BTB

As I never was able to play it and would love the chance to get a 50 in it before HALO 4

I was able to get 2 50’s in Squad Battle

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Ranked/social living dead
Ranked/social Griffball

Got to be ranked squad battle.

> Got to be ranked squad battle.

Yeah that would be nice to
but 6v6 is not the same as 8v8 but i would still love to se it return


'Nuff said :wink:

Griffball - even if it isnt double xp its still a fun game

> Grifball
> 'Nuff said :wink:

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