If You Could Add One Thing to Halo 5: Guardians...

What would it be?

Ever since Halo: Reach came out I have longed for Bungie (and now 343i) to have some form of space combat. My idea was originally for Invasion (UNSC frigate vs. Covenant cruiser) but I still think it could work with other Objective gametypes such as Assault. Have a UNSC ship on one side, Covenant cruiser on the other, add an asteroid belt in between the two… Longsword’s, Shortsword’s, Pelican’s vs. Banshee’s, Seraph’s, Phantom’s, etc.

Not a bad idea.

I, however, would like it if they added in a non-campaign PvE mode (Warzone doesn’t count, as it’s PvP).

I hope they add a community inspired multiplayer forge map playlist.

It Would Be John Forge.

halo 5 will be amazing the ONLY thing i would want to add is space combat ever since i played reach ive wanted it


Elites for our Dinobrothers.

“wort wort wort!”

Integrated stats tracking IN the game and not on a website.


Space combat for sure, but really, i just wan a disc in the LCE

Customizable firefight like halo reach

I would want the LCE to come with a lifesize Cortana pillow.

As far as gameplay, I will be happy with whatever they pick to be in the game. I trust them to make the right decisions.

Just one thing wouldn’t be enough to cut it, and out of having the choice between adding Elites, splitscreen, clans, and so on, there’s really not a single one that I can put before the other. :c

Playable Elites with their own playlists. Ex. Elite Slayer

If I had to choose one thing it would be a pure PvE mode that preferably has a lot of customizability. Wait… maybe that’s it… if there’s one thing I would ask them to add to Halo 5, it would be tons and tons of customizability across all game modes. That’s always been Halo to me: play however you want whenever you want.

could I add something to my halo experience when I remove smart-scope?

I know it might sound strange, but better physics for the scenery items in forge is what I would want. That’s part of the reason I hated Halo 4’s forge mode: Nothing would move in game. Halo 3’s custom games were so much fun due to the fact that you could move things around when playing (Jenga Tower, Omega and Sabre Journey)

Stat tracking on a par with the old Bungie.net circa Halo 3.

I think Master Chief should have a big Moose to ride. Of course it’s the future so it would have to be some sort of space moose! I imagine it would have to wear some sort of moose shaped spartan armor.

Get to work on that 343i!

I think everything looks superb, but if I could add one thing it would probably be even more multiplayer maps. I know that might sound greedy, as it’s confirmed that there will be 20+ maps on release, but 6 of those are Warzone and I have to imagine another 4-6 reserved for BTB games. I’d just like variety between objective and symmetrical arena maps, perhaps a few more classic remakes?

Of course, the game hasn’t released yet so there very well could be a ton of variety and I could be completely wrong. We’ll see!