If you could add one object into Forge...

If you had the opportunity to add one object, any object you like, whether it has been included in Halo 3 or just a completely random creation you have thought up, to Forge, what would it be?

For me, it would be a companion cube.

I would add a giant xbox360.

the flatbed truck…


A curved wall without lights. Lights cause framerate issues. If we want to build circular maps without framerate issues, we have to use flat blocks, resulting in polygon-based maps rather than perfect circles.

Well… some of you will know I joke about ‘perfect circles’, but being able to create a circle without using an object with inherent framerate problems would be a big bonus.

Though I don’t hold out much hope that this kind of thing will be fixed.

Sarge cardboard cutouts.

> Sarge cardboard cutouts.

I love that episode!

A Pelican.

I’ve got 3 words for yah:

Sphere, Half Sphere.


Isn’t it obvious?




The bases from Standoff.

i would add a computer opperated enemy so u can make it move or just stay still, u can also equip things to it, and give it its own base and u can just play the cpu :smiley:

Open-able doors which can either bet set to “normal” (which would make them automatically open for a player and close behind him/her), or set to a specific ‘channel’, like the teleporters (alpha, bravo, charlie, …, x-ray, yankee, zulu, etc.). If the door was set to a channel, you would then place a ‘panel’ and set it to the same channel. During a game, a player would go up to the panel and it would say “Press X to use Panel”. The door would then open.

The beauty of this is that you could place the door at one spot, and the panel wherever you want. Since both are linked through the channel setting, it wouldn’t matter where either was located. Also, by using the channel system, you can have multiple doors open with one switch, or multiple switches open one door.

You could even have a setting for the switch which would allow it to be used to open AND close doors, such as an option like:

SWITCH PROPERTIES: “Open”, “Close”, “Both”

also, you should be able to set it’s reuse time, or the time between uses:

REACTIVATION TIME: “Instant”, “5 seconds”, “10 seconds”, “1 minute”, etc.

Include multiple “door” sizes: “Small” (like a door in any hallway), “Medium” (such as those gates on Zanzibar/Last resort), “Large” (Like those big base gates on Containment), “Extra Large” (Use your imagination).

Also, some sort of correlation between switches and teleporters would be cool, like on Relic: How you had to hit a switch to activate the teleporters.

If this type of system were added to our Forge arsenal, we could create maps beyond what anyone even dared consider.

Forgeable Water (Using the ‘Objective’ area shape, like the Hill in King-of-the-Hill (cylinder, box) with water surface at top; anything inside the boundaries but below the surface will be ‘underwater’ (Option to have it ‘flow’ (fast for rapids (and waterfalls (when turned sideways)), slow for creeks and such, and an ‘ocean’ option; one default ‘flow’ direction only)))

Moas…just moas as far as the eye could see…


the spade

A crashed Pelican/ Spirit Dropship