If you could add one NEW weapon into H4

What would it be?

It must be new to the Halo franchise, and be specific on it’s use.

Also, no GeneralGube ideas allowed. (Guy who made the Tornado gun and others)

Mine: Portal Gun. That awesome Halo Reach mod that surfaced the other day deserves a worthy successor.


Tornado gun.

> Tornado gun.

Did you read the OP?


Lol, right when I read the title, my mind just automatically thought PORTAL GUN!

Who the hell is General Gube?

Accidental post.

General Gube made the Tornado Gun.

Why not? his ideas were awesome.

Hey, if you don’t want his idea in here, then fine…

How about a twister gun?

not really a gun, but a long chain with blades on the end (can’t remember what the weapon’s name is called) as a melee weapon. lol. so many people would rage at that.

That -Yoink- bat from SR3.

Particle Rifle.

The EMP Grenade:

Blast Radius is about 10-15 feet.

-[Personal documentations regarding live field use, while in action]-

Depending on aftershock of the explosive or how far the enemy is away from the center of detonation will determine whether or not partial immobility occurs.

Feedback from the UNSC

-all enemy shields caught in the blast are lowered and partially immobilized during combat.

-armor lock is the only effective invulnerability against EMP explosives tested by class five Spartans.

-Fellow ODST and Marine squadron enjoy using it before they draw their weapon’s

A lazer cat!
Shoots Lasers out of its eyes and is always a one hit kill!

A new melee weapon, like a claw/gauntlet or something along those lines. Unlike its other melee weapon brethren, it would take more than one hit, but would make up for its lack of damage by being slightly fast. it would at least freak you out the first few times you encountered it on matchmaking :confused:

> Tornado gun.

what the ppl want

I would like to see the electric gun

Either a scoped AR or a scoped SMG. :wink:

The Thunder gun from Black Ops.

make it so it does very little damage,only 3 shots but pushes away anything in its path besides tanks. it would basically be a counter to people who abuse sprinting with swords or grav hammers and people that try to ram with ghosts

A pokeball to catch all my enemies! I will train them and fight other trainers with tiny spartans. Ah the possibilities,

A gun that shoots bullets/plasma and hurts people.

An Anti-Sprint gun. It would force the enemy to engage in a fight with you instead of either:

A. Running from you.
B. Sprint meleeing you.

A laser guided missile/mortar launcher