If you could add any gun to Halo

What would it be?
Bring back an old favorite?
Something entirely new?
A crossbow that fires explosive bolts because every other game has one?

Personally, I would like to see a precision brute weapon. I know it has no place in Halo 4, but it would be interesting to see what the Brutes jury-rig together

I also miss the spiker. I know it sucked but the design of it was so cool.

Still waiting for my Bubble Cannon & Plasma Knife…

I want a gun so powerful that it takes you 5 seconds to respawn and all your buddies see a red X where you died.

I would like to have these back:

-missile pod
-brute shot & spike grenade

The cluckshot from gears 3

> Still waiting for my Bubble Cannon & Plasma Knife…

I just pictured some oversized turret shooting bubble shields across the map, knocking away grenades and generally confusing the hell out of everyone.


Right, I’d like a Cyrax acid-web-net that fires from my chest!

Bring back my beloved grenade launcher from reach

Scarab Gun

Suppressed M7.

It’s not a gun but I want it in the game. (Note: it’s what the spartan is holding)

Pistol from CE

I’d love to see the MA5K appear at one point in a future Halo game.

I think they should add a new weapon, a bow of some sort. It may just be me but I would love to see this ^^

The UNSC SMG or, a Pulse Rifle (Obviously not in any halo) but it would be a sweet UNSC weapon.

My hope would never happen.


Same power as rocket laucher, but it shoots arc generated electricity bolts instead at rapid ex cession to look like one long lightning strike.

Downside is 4 Battery Cells(1 Clip) & does not lock-on…

4 shots is all you get, no lock-on either, and one pull launches all…But it looks like player died by lightning…

That is my dream gun.

Logic One:

Golf Club from reach or a frying pan, I want to smash spartans with a frying pan…:wink:

any of the Halo 3 weapons which aint in the game so people can complain about something new