If you complain about Aim Assist you are just bad at the game

Same goes for people who complain about playing against PC. Aim assist is not that big of a factor when it comes to Halo, and it isn’t some “aimbot” that controller players get. If you are on PC and are complaining that you keep losing because of aim assist on controller, it just means you got outplayed. But this is vice versa as well, mouse and keyboard is not some all-mighty force that is impossible to defeat. I do think that on MnK you can be a bit more accurate with the assault rifle, but that is about it. This is ridiculous though. PC players think controller is overpowered while console players think MnK is overpowered, when in reality, the people complaining just both suck. On both sides, maybe stop focusing on the input that you don’t use and focus on improving your skill.

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Idk why you’d be so offended, you created a title with no elaboration. Your post serves almost no purpose for dialogue it’s just you trying to troll people that feel the aim assist is lacking. To me, I have an easy time aiming with the controller, and honestly I thought they already fixed the aim assist since it’s better than the alpha by a lot. Still, if it gets flagged and closed I don’t think it’s everyone else’s fault, but rather the post itself just seeming to exist to troll people. I mean I won’t flag because I’m not so thin skinned, but still you kinda earned it.


Sorry :pleading_face: lol I was kinda mad when I was writing that. I just don’t think its that hard to aim in this game, its more of a response to all the posts talking about it

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Bro get a grip… i mean seriously

Oh no I didn’t mean you bro, yours actually had good points! I meant the OP lol. See, it’s true, people do need to focus more on their own skill than complaining about platforms and which configuration is better. The only thing I’d complain about is that I need a higher sensitivity on controller because it seems like m&k can turn quicker… but it doesn’t ruin my gameplay I still smash em c:.

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You are talking to the OP right now… you don’t even know what’s going on do you?

Wow more constructive feedback I love it haha.

I mean you got so upset that you forgot who the OP was lol…

Ohhhh… I’m new to the current halo waypoint, I saw your pic on the OP (>_>). Ahhhh sorry man I’m an idiot lmao.

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Hahah no worries dude, lets just act like this never happened. Nothing on this forum is really that serious anyway.

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In that case I wanna let you know that I like your post bro, sorry about that, I thought yours was a comment to the title, my bad.

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Yeah I totally agree about sensitivity for sure.

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The aim assist is literally currently bugged, it’s randomly disabled at times and currently doesn’t function at all when players shields are popped. It is kind of a huge deal for console players. It’s currently vastly easier to use precision weapons outside of aim assist range playing with a mouse and keyboard simply due to the precise nature of mouse input. The rate at which players are able to turn while maintaining the ability to hit shots is also much greater for mouse and keyboard players. People say aim assist is a crutch but in many scenarios it’s almost required for console players to keep up. Both mkb and controller have their pros and cons, wouldn’t exactly call it balanced in their current state for infinite though as depending on the scenario someone using a specific input method is at an advantage. The lack of player collision makes this worse as well when fighting in tight spaces.

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I play on controller, but I’m not bad at the game. I destroy KbM players on cross play and am almost onyx in solo/duo with controller after around 30 games.

While I agree with you that aim assist is wonky right now aka it doesnt work the way it probably will a month down the line, I disagree that it breaks the game. It just requires you to have more skill to keep up.

All of the pros are on controller btw.

I guess it is bugged for some people, I just haven’t had any trouble at all on Xbox. Yeah the mkb has a really strong flick for easy ninjas. Hopefully player collision will be added, I’m trying to remember if they ever gave a reason to change it.

Yeah, the ninja thing is the biggest advantage they have tbh. thats all tho from my viewpoint/skill level

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That and long range fights where there is no aim assist, or when aim assist decides it doesn’t want to work for some unknown reason.

But yeah, for close range I’m particularly annoyed with the glacial sensitivity settings on controller… It’s literally impossible to track someone if they are right on top of you. In past titles, I could easily track people no matter how close since 10 sensitivity actually let you spin like a mad man… Now the spin time is at a full 1 second to 360 even with maxed sensitivity, acceleration, and thresholds…

Ultimately, It’s an odd mix right now where both close and far go to M&K, and mid goes to controller.

On a related note, I’ve seen a lot of people saying most HCS players are controller, and therefore, controller is better. That’s not how statistics work… You need to look at what percentage of the population using a given input makes it into HCS. In other words, if only 5% of the entire halo community uses K&M, then 5% K&M representation in HCS would mean that K&M is equivalent to controller.

I find it kinda funny that you can so easily find people saying it’s both too strong and too weak.

I haven’t had much issue on controller anyway. I’ve been bouncing between open and input-based ranked and I haven’t really noticed a difference, still stomp either way.

Halo Infinite is unplayable like this. People get kicked out of the game. Aim BUG or even bad Hitreg at the BR. when I look at other games as they have already brought out updates and Halo still sleeps with 343 there you really have to ask yourself if these people in the studio are really still competent. this halo seems very clumsy, loveless, without heart developed game without emotion. just tinkered a bit. Many errors and problems in matchmaking. The BR and the shots connect sometimes or then again not, once Perfect then again nothing, although the shots go into the head. this halo seems to me like a lottery. you notice that here in the gameplay was little thought. Bad server. The graphics and the effects are but top made. not everything is negative. but you have to improve a lot here.

False, aim assist functioned differently in past games and it made it actually enjoyable to use a controller instead of a miserable fight against the game everytime you got into an encounter.