If you can predict spawns then...

the system is broken and can be abused. Its really simple to understand where people spawn and it completely defeats the purpose of spawning somewhere safe because you just get trapped and murdered over and over again. The spawns need to be unpredictable and make you spawn in a safe location. Just nit unpredictable in the sense that you’ll spawn in the enemies base or behind them.

Actually OP that’s less of an abuse and more of an idea that is seen as a sill. While in general it’s just kind of a a -Yoink- move and very unsportsmanlike the game can only do so much. Honestly at that point it’s kind of the devs fault for not giving more varied and safer spawns. I.E. Transformers FoC spawn dropping and I Gears of Wars spawning immunity.

That’s one thing that separates good forgers from bad ones. A good forger and developer should know when spawns are overloaded and too unpredictable and when to have so many spawns that they can’t be predicted. It’s an odd balance but when you can’t mange them you likely shouldn’t be making maps or developing a game IMO and that’s a knock on Halo’s entire legacy. This isn’t at all a recent problem. A fun map can easily be ruined with bad spawns.

No matter what, if the team stands on the 4 corners of the map, there will always be a limit to “safe spawns” and even those are predictable even if you can’t actually see the spawn point.

spawning inmunity can be a solution.

it’s all about map control. I personally have not played a game where a team could not control the map and for the most part predict where the spawns will be. Plus communication plays a big key. Even if a team thinks you are spawn trapped, the moment you are seen in a different spawn, the callout is made that the spawns have switched and the highly coordinated team still have the upper hand. Communication and coordination will win every time. If the spawns were random, people would complain that they always spawn by themselves and not near their teammates.