If you buy the game the armour should be free

After playing multiplayer I have found out how to get the MK B armour and to be honest its appalling.

I’m planning on buying the campaign because I’m a long time fan. But if I buy a game and I don’t get to enjoy it’s full experience then it really sucks the fun out of it.

In the past I was fine with purchasing map packs but the game itself offered more than enough maps to begin with. Obviously multiplayer that is out now is still in beta mode but if this armour purchasing is going to be a thing then to be honest I may aswell stick with MCC since I get it all on there anyway.

If buying the game it’s self does not grant you to unlock the armour traditionally then that’s a massive down grade from Halo 5 (and that game didn’t even do well).


Well it doesn’t lol

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The campaign will be a complete experience, I would not worry and I would buy it without hesitation.

“I cannot wait to consume more product!”

Listen, we need to be honest with ourselves about this, OP is right. There’s a lot of armor that really does need to be free.


And how does that relate to the campaign?

Campaign is 60 dollars for a full game. A multiplayer, F2P player, is allowed to get everything on the pass with just ten dollars, and everything on the pass that’s MK VII related, for nothing.

But Campaign gives you absolutely nothing as far as we know. That’s kind of a huge rip.


Mmmmmm… so, how does that relate to the campaign?

(I’m not trolling)

I think what we’re experiencing here for the first time is similar to what Pokémon fans experience by getting the same game sold to them twice with only slight differences. In our case 343i ripped out a feature that was included at full price from the the core game for the last 20 years and are selling it back to us piecemeal in a “separate” game that is just the ripped out feature. This is worse than paying full price for ODST and getting what was essential only a DLC/sidestory campaign and the same multiplayer included in H3 back in the day.


With Pokemon at least you can look up if the games have move tutors and a battle frontier equivalent. If not, just wait and you’ll be able to buy the complete versions (Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, etc). If you’re talking about there being two versions by default, you don’t really need to buy both. The only thing you miss out with one version are version exclusive Pokemon, which you can trade for, and with GTS you don’t even need a friend for that. It’s still a little scummy, but it’s no where near as bad as this in my opinion.


Oh yeah, definitely. I was just making the analogy for general confusion about why we can’t seem to agree as to why this sucks. Because it’s something that has never happened to us. But for fans of games where everything is paywalled, half the games are remakes, or some sort of weird sequel/retelling what we’re experiencing now is a norm for them.

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Back in the glory days when you bought the campaign it came with multiplayer and you could unlock armour without purchasing it. Halo 3 by achievements and the successors by leveling up in multiplayer.

Felt more well earned once you unlocked them.


So far its not looking good.

Someone datamined campaign reward and its just 2 coatings, a few weapon colors, and two emblems. If that doesnt change, it will be the 4th slap in the face for me. The first being the armor coatings and lack of core mixing, the second being the challenge system, the third being everything wrong about fracture events.

Customization is no longer achievement, it is just how big is your wallet and did you grind out the entirety of the weekly challenges for 5 months.

Hopefully this will change because this will be the third halo game in a row that brought disappointment (first being halo MCC before it got fixed years after it’s release. The second halo 5)

I thought they would have known better then to do something this. Especially to the fans that have been playing since the 360 days.

I played since the original xbox and the original halo had more base customization than Infinite has. Yeah, its just flat colors but there are more than Infinite’s.

The MK 7 and Event armors and all its Variants, those should be free and never monetized.
Now if you talk about Reach armor or other legacy armors, then yes, you can monetize that.