If you are not good.... you are not allowed to have fun

I can tell you it isn’t just the older players struggling with this Halo. Me and my friends are all mid to low 20s in terms of age, and a couple of us have played Halo for our entire lives. Out of about 8 of us, I am the only person who has a positive kd in the majority of matches. Some of my friends (who have played plenty of shooters including CoD, Apex, Valorant, and whatever else) are just absolutely awful at Infinite, and they don’t have a very good time because of it. Raising the skill floor for Halo after all these years was the worst possible way to be new player friendly, and was a great way to alienate the core Halo fan base, who had always been predominantly very casual. I really don’t think we will see much of a change in how the game plays, as the entire sandbox, maps, modes, movement, and everything else was designed around being high precision and sweaty. I worry that even the campaign will feel tougher and not as “Halo” as old fans are expecting. All that said though, I am still playing the game a ton, and me and my friends do have fun most of the time, but we could easily be having a lot more fun if every single match wasn’t a sweat fest.


I’m inclined to agree with this sentiment. HI peaked at 30 fps on my XB1S, whereas on my PC it runs consistently at 58+ fps with my current settings.

I’m also obviously using a different monitor with a higher refresh rate, than I was when I was playing on console.

My aim in Halo Infinite is better than it ever has been. This says a lot as my first Halo game was CE back in 2002 and I’ve been playing online since Halo 3.

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So, in a nutshell, “Because I haven’t noticed it, and it hasn’t happened to me, it doesn’t happen often at all.”

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So I know I’m a bit off topic but did you all have a good Thanksgiving? :poultry_leg:

Please stop with this, the ignorance is not your fault so let me explain:

The theater is a broken mess, has been since Halo 5. It’s unusable. Half the time in 3rd person or free camera it shows Spartans gliding around the map in idle animation. And it’s horribly out of sync with the actual game most of the time. That’s why in 1st person, you see the crosshair at random places in the air as the shots hits.
These shots actually hit in the real game. This is definitely no proof of hackers haha

I’m appalled 343’s theater is still unusable in 2021, while everything worked perfectly fine in Halo 3.


You’re right that there are aimbots but the theater thing is because theater is completely broken, like entirely. Everything looks desynced- it’s not even worth using. I know you said you know this but I really think that’s the main issue, you can’t really check for a cheater with theater

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Can you read? He’s saying it is a major issue in Infinite, with no evidence at all. I’m giving my own anecdotal evidence to the contrary. If there’s hackers in my games they are clearly terrible at hacking.

The onus of proof is on the person saying “hackers are everywhere because I watched theatre but I’m not going to show anyone”.

Nope, can’t read a single word. Real hang-up on forums, I know.

Are you two playing on the same platform? Region? Gametype? Your anecdotal evidence is no more proof than his, and for all we know his experience could be 100% valid. You’re still saying “It doesn’t happen because it hasn’t happened to me.”


I am 54. I have been a gamer since before the internet was invented. I moved from Nintendo to X-Box, in 2002 ( that’s when it released in Australia ) , after I played Halo at a friends place and I was instantly hooked. It’s the only game I have time for nowadays. I am acutely aware that my eyesight is not what it used to be and that I have some pain problems in my hands, due to arthritis and some other injuries. I can still play the MCC and Halo 5, without much trouble at all. I do use level intermissions to stretch out my fingers and have a good blink and eyeroll, for the eyesight. BUT, Infinite is causing me unbelievable grief. Smashed into the ground actually. The aiming feels completely different, the movement feels different, my accuracy is garbage. I’m not sure what is going on, but I can say this, I’m not enjoying multiplayer. Right now, it is 10.20a.m., Saturday 27-11-2021, here on the East Coast of Australia. I WILL be playing Halo today. I am going to start with some MCC challenges, which I think are great. Then, I will do some Halo 5, probably Warzone and Warzone Firefight, to get my rank level up, currently 148. Then, maybe, just maybe, I will have a go at Infinite. I say maybe, as I have to weigh this up. Do I want to strain the hell out of my eyes and generate crippling pain in the knuckles, in an all out sweat fest, just to be smashed into the ground? Do I want to look at the stats, at the end of the game, to see, 3 kills, 15 deaths? Do I want to be left wondering, why do I unload a full clip, from the AR into an opponent, who doesn’t die, but instead, hits me with a near instant kill? If those reading this want to make the comment, ‘Well, you just suck at the game’, alright, so be it, I won’t play, time to retire from Infinite MP and stick solely with campaign OR just play all previous versions of Halo, which I don’t seem to have any problems with. Who would want me on their team anyway? Especially with stats like that. For me, Infinte has gutted me. I cannot work out what is going on, but I know this, I am not enjoying it. I have the campaign on order, provided it’s not a buggy mess, I have no doubt at this stage, that I will love it. BUT, I do worry. I went through the MCC problems and some of the 5 problems. At the moment, this new Waypoint site is a broken, buggy mess. The only thing I can really do with this new Waypoint, is the forums. Pretty much everything else gives me an - ERROR 500 - message. It just does not instill any confidence.

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That’s exactly my point…my anecdotal evidence suggests the exact opposite of “there are hackers everywhere”, and it’s up to the person suggesting they are ruining the game to provide evidence, no?

At no point did I say it doesn’t happen. I went out of my way to say that of course there will be hackers in any game involving PC. My point was that he is saying there are tons of hackers everywhere, provides no evidence of this, and yet claims that anyone who watches their games back in theatre will find hackers.

Interestingly, looked up the top KD marks for everyone in the UK (my region) a couple of days ago with Halo tracker and there were no ridiculous KDs in the region. The highest were just people playing vs bots. Nothing like the obvious cheaters you see on the Warzone leaderboards. So either there aren’t many hackers or they are so bad at hacking they have lower KDs than I do…

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No, your anecdotal evidence suggests only that you haven’t encountered them. Or at the very least not noticed them. It’d be like me saying that because I’ve never seen a car accident, they must not happen all that very often.

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if you cant afford to eat you should do drugs. lol.

Curiously you aren’t addressing any of my points. He suggested, without evidence, that hackers are everywhere in Infinite. I explained the desync of theatre and that my own anecdotal evidence is counter to his claims. Why aren’t you addressing the veracity of the initial claim? It’s not on me to prove there aren’t loads of hackers, it’s like asking someone to prove there’s not an invisible dragon in the room. The person making the claim is the one who should be providing evidence.

This is why I feel like casual modes need SBMM and not only ranked, if only as something that exists in the background and isn’t shown to the player unless playing ranked. I’ve always been more of a pve halo player, but from what I did play of halo multiplayer, I’ve never seen as big of a skill disparity in each match as I have in infinite. 98% of matches are a total landslide for one of the teams (sometimes it’s my team so I’m not even complaining about losing, before you try to pull that card). It’s incredibly rare that I find a game that is a fair matchup and a close game.

It is not like that. Burden of proof is on the accuser.

It’s such a weird hill to die on, defending someone who’s making wild accusations about cheaters running rampant when they’ve provided no proof. Defending the rights of the butthurt.

You can’t prove a negative. Nobody can prove there aren’t cheaters - any evidence they provide would just be normal gameplay. Evidence of cheating would be clear and obvious and with the amount of it that Bjoring is apparently experiencing, would you not agree it seems counterproductive to not share that evidence?

All these semantics about experiences and rights on a video game forum; show us the -Yoink!- clips of the cheats and stop pussyfooting around, or drop it.

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Nor do I really need to. The only thing of yours that I’m “addressing” is the notion that because you haven’t encountered hackers, they’re not a common problem. Your position isn’t any stronger than the claim that there are hackers.

Which is also funny that you never answered if you two are on the same console, region, playlist, etc. Which, you know, would narrow things down quite a bit.

Only I’m not quite doing that. Settle down.

I am 38 years old, I have been playing Halo since 2004 (Halo 2). I am not a pro but not a bad one. I was diamond / onyx in Halo 5, Diamond in Infinite.

I can say with absolute certainty that the aim of this game (but even in halo 5 I never liked it) is garbage. I did a thousand tests with dead zones, sensitivity, etc. The problem is that aiming tends to go beyond the point you want, and it’s not setting the sensitivity to 1 that solves the problem because at too low sensitivity you are unable to follow close targets. Something is broken, which doesn’t happen with any other game.

I have to admit that you 343 guys are not up to par. Now Halo Infinite is heavily played, after all, many years have passed since the launch of Halo 5 and it’s a ftp game but rest assured that you will lose the online population very quickly. People will be returning to play TMCC, Call of Duty, or Destiny because they will feel comfortable and not frustrated.