If you are not good.... you are not allowed to have fun

This game really is not for everyone…. Let this old man cry a little

In this last week, I have really tried to enjoy this game… But every match I played gets me more frustrated than happy… I’m an old man… between my job and family, I only get a Few hours a day to play and NO, I can’t “GET GOOD”, don’t have time for that, I just want to have fun, I’m not a competitive player and won’t ever be.

For me, I love most of the game, but these two things are keeping me away from enjoying the game at all.

Aim Assist (and I not actually sure about this one… not really know how the Aim works, but not feeling it good like other Halo Games)…. no matter how much I play… I just can get used to it… had to turn down my sens to 1 because trying to aim is really difficult… And… Still can’t get shots lol, as soon as someone crouch a little or “strafe” I’m done, my aim goes all over the place and can’t put it in place again… why is so difficult to aim? I really envy people who can perfect shot you far away with the pistol…
I really don’t understand why they would change what it was already good (IMO Halo 2A is the best aiming in the series)

CrossPlay: really… what were they thinking? Console players hate to play VS PC, and PC hates to play with consoles… so really what’s the point to make them play against each other besides having a mixed fireteam? And why is this also in ranked??? Seriously if all my teammates play on console why the hell are we playing against PC players??

Where are the playlist??? Why am I forced to play objective with people that only care about slayer? Where is FFA? KoTH?

The potential of this game is amazing, and I love the feels… but the incredible amount of skill gap they added to the game makes it difficult for a lot of players like me to have fun. But hey! As long as content creators and pro players are happy, who cares right?

I’ll wait for the campaign, and that’s it for me.
Have fun everybody!


For a moment I thought you had telepathically hijacked my mind and were writing this post using my thoughts. You have described my situation perfectly to every detail. I appreciate you trying to head off the predictable “just get good kid” criticism that always gets thrown at me. I’m 64 years old and have played Halo since it was called Marathon. And in all that time I have never been good, never had a positive ratio. But I play Halo every single day and still enjoy it, until Infinite. It’s not that I hate it, but I’m not having a lot of fun - yet. It will take me probably a year or more to become comfortable and start having a good time. Right now, I play, I die, I lose and it is what it is.

Since I am elderly, I have patience. Good luck to you.


This is everything I’ve been wanting to say for the past week or so now.

I’m really hoping it’s a return to form but everything that would be is missing.


Like you I am a halo vet, I used to play Halo 2 with my brother against each other because we didn’t have xbox live. I kept playing the new ones as they released and moved onto other titles like CoD and battlefield. I have a lot of time in this game both on PC and xbox and I can assure you the aim assist is there, whether noticable or not. I think the difference people are seeing is a different aiming system. Something just different enough that it’s hard for vets to attune to. I have about 150 matches played so far, and with my 15 years of FPS shooters my accuracy is only 42% average, the aiming is just weird.

The competitiveness is growing very quickly in this Halo because a lot of other FPS players that hadn’t tried Halo, are now trying it because it’s free, so you’re going to experience a lot of sweats in casual game modes.

Crossplay will be a featured option on full release without a doubt.

Same as the previous statement, not full release yet, they’ll come.

Hold on a little longer and try a sensitivity between 3-5, it’ll help with the aim assist.


What annoys me the most is that all the guns jiggle like crazy when firing.
My aim’s not bad, my skill level is decent, but my eyes certainly can’t handle looking at something like the AR jiggle so hard it could just shake itself to pieces in my hands.

Is there no option to reduce jiggle?

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My opinion on crossplay is that it is good, but should be optional.

For places like south america that have a low population in games like Halo, crossplay is necessary to have a healthy population.

I will say that 343i has taken very good steps for helping out players who aren’t super pros at the game by adding the addition of bots, and while you can complete some challenges in the bot modes, some of them force you to play in PvP, I honestly feel that they should not force people to have to progress via PvP if they don’t want to, but I know the opinion on this is mixed.
(the compromise would be make the grind longer but still possible, but with how unhealthy challenges are for teamwork, it would be nice to get them over with in bot matches)

If you want my honest a opinion, if you still want to enjoy the multiplayer and don’t care about progressing super fast through the battlepass, I would stick to bots or playing custom games with friends, there is still some good game play to be had, and you would definitely “get good” over time just from sheer exposure.

I assume after the ‘beta’ on Dec 8th they will release a proper playlist, everyone wants that so badly.


I’m with you. Work, family, sleep… leaves only a few hours per day - if I’m lucky - to play. The MP, as it stands, looks to me like it was designed only for competitive players and ignores those who just want to jump in for a few matches at a time.

I got a chance to play some during the Sprints and stopped after getting frustrated with bots. It’s no fun getting sniped over and over and over by a bot with the Sidekick on the other side of the map. Older titles gave you more awareness that you were being shot. I think I’m half-dead before I realize I’m getting hit. When I realize I’m getting hit, I just stop and let them kill me, bots or humans. If I don’t, I get even more frustrated. Not fun. I stopped playing after getting to level 3 or 4.

Infinite has the look and moment-to-moment feel of older Halo, but that’s it.


Try ranked but switch from open to solo/duo
Then switch from cross play to controller. This ensures you are on a level playing field at least and won play against anyone with a keyboard and mouse.


It was basically the same story with Halo 5 multiplayer; too fast, amped up, and with too many ambush engagements because of the increased movement mechanics & built-in power moves catering to the professional player crowd, rather than your standard gamer. All the pieces were eventually put in place to make the standard gameplay actually fun, but they never bothered making the essential changes to actually do so. And once again 343i repeat the same stupid mistakes of keeping Sprint in, and set the Motion Tracker range to a pathetic 18 meters, instead of the standard 25 meters.


True, but at least I found a game mode I could have fun with in Halo 5 - Ware Zone Firefight. There’s really nothing for me with Infinite right now.


No shortage of flamers on here hint hint

welcome to the internet bud

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Players have no inertia and can change direction instantly with no loss of momentum, which makes a leading target impossible. This bottlenecks the legitimate game to people who are willing to swing their mouse around wildly enough to track an effectively random target.

Most players who seem “good”, though, aren’t playing the legitimate game. They are using hacks to win without having to try, such as running aimbots so they only need to aim in your general direction to score hits. As is, anyone who doesn’t hack doesn’t get to enjoy the PvP.


I definitely agree with this. I think the all-but-usless tiny radar makes this worse too, as does the overly long shield recharge delay. I think they are planning to make real playlists eventually, but whether they’ll be in at launch or later is unknown; I just hope they’re at least working on it.

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It’s annoying that crossplay, a feature that exists in the MCC, isn’t available in Infinite and I suspect at this point will never be to force the crossplay population to remain high.

Play BTB instead.

Get used to the scale and the maps and you will have much more time to enjoy the actual gameplay.

Use the sandbox, play the objective, run disruption etc…

Im not saying im a beast at halo but i know my way around a shooter. With the current sbmm thats in it even good players dont have a whole lot of fun. My last 4 games were slow, sweaty and overall boring. I rarely get a very fun game. I cant even play with some of my friends because they get obliterated. Leave that crap in ranked.


I like having crossplay, since it allows me to play on xbox with my friends on pc. But I agree that it should be optional.

The fact that we can’t remove gametypes from the playlists and that crossplay is On by default leads me to believe that 343 did not expect to have so many players at this point. So they tailored the mp aspect in a way that would ensure quick match making times.

I expect that they will address this soon.

I also agree that the aim assist is lacking or non existing… I remember being a lot easier to do headshots in other games, and I could easily see the reticule moving to the target at times.

Im a console player also have been with HALo so I’m getting worked in the x play ranked mode. But I like x play because I get to play with my kid who only plays on PC so i like having that option even though I suck. When I want to feel better about myself I play solo in ranked and while I still rank low I tend to go positive. Which is much more enjoyable. What I really want is being able to choose the game type. I much prefer straight slayer vs objective games.

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I know how you feel. I have always been pretty good at Halo, made it to rank 44/50 in Halo 3, was Diamond or Onyx on most Halo 5 playlists. My average K/D ratio has been over 1 since Halo 3 (close to 2 on my best Halo game), but in Halo Infinite so far my average K/D is below 1 I think and I got ranked into Gold 5 on my placement matches, the lowest I have ever been ranked after placement I think.

The reasons for my underperformance compared to past Halo games are fourfold as far as I can tell:

  1. Aiming- Aiming just feels super off in Halo Infinite. I can make what is a tiny stick movement and my aim will be thrown way off, it is especially bad when trying to headshot with Pistol and Commando, less of an issue with BR. Aim assist feels non-existent and it feels like diagonal sensitivity doesn’t match horizontal and vertical sensitivity or something.

  2. Forced crossplay- Crossplay is forced on Quick Match and BTB, which is really bad for controller folks like me, as mouse & keyboard grants a big Aiming advantage. Some if these PC people can nail Pistol headshot after Pistol headshot from across the map, something that is virtually impossible on controller with the current aiming, and the same goes for other precision headshot weapons.

  3. Poor motion tracker. The shorter range on the motion tracker compared to past games has gotten me surprise killed more times than I can count. I will glance at the radar, see no dots near me and think it’s safe to scope in for awhile, then die within like 3 seconds of doing so.

  4. Forced mixed playlists. I have never liked nor been good at objective modes like CTF and Oddball, my strong suit has always been Slayer and SWAT. Being forced to play objective matches has definitely resulted in both my lower rank and lower K/D.