If you are going to continue Spartan Ops...

Please add more variety.

When I first heard about Spartan Ops I was extremely excited. The possibilities for each level was unlimited. Am I the only one who imagined Warthog runs and space battles? But all we got is the same map over and over, basically only fighting on foot.

Add a little variety! Maybe one mission could be an underwater/stealth mission. Or maybe an assassination mission. Just make each level different from each other.

I would rather wait a longer time for a more memorable level then have the same thing come out every week!

I agree. Spops kinda dissapointed me, and i’m usually happy with whatever they give us

Agreed. The second half of it was at least better than the first.

I doubt SpOps will make a return next game without major improvements. Firefight is just simpler and easier to make and so far has done exceedingly better than SpOps.

If it is to continue, I think we should get one new map every week which we would replay multiple times in the same episode (for reference look at episode seven which was set almost solely on the Infinity map) and that way it will be manageable (as in, there won’t be too many maps to make since most of them will be replayed 2, 3 or maybe even 4 times in the episode that they are introduced). By doing this 343i would only require a couple more maps than their offering in season 1, and the profit will be huge. The problem was never that we replayed the maps, the problem is that every week we came back to the same maps and experiences.

If 343i take the same type of mission design from the second half of season one and just reorganize the way maps are introduced so we will get a new map every week (and that requires a minimum 12 maps where season 1 had 15) Spartan Ops would become much less meandering and much more fun. We don’t need five different maps in each episode, a bit of research will show that episodes with repeated maps actually scored with the highest level of fan appreciation (episodes 3, 7 and 10) and that probably derives from the fact that that system also drives 343i to give coherent story explanations as to why we are staying in the same locations, which eventually leads to better and more unified stories for each episode (in its own right) which makes each episode more enjoyable and immersive as opposed to feeling like a glorified version of Firefight.

The storytelling was also an issue in the current system (“go shoot this, go shoot that” for the most part of the first half of season 1) so using my suggested structure can take down two birds with one stone. Spartan Ops has loads of potential (much more than Firefight) and I really hope 343i didn’t give up on it yet.

Spartan Ops was bad. The story was pretty bad in my opinion but that’s mainly because I just didn’t like halo 4’s story as a whole. Gameplay variety was terrible.
I want to see ODST ops, here’s all the stuff an ODST could do:
stealthy/assassination missions
possible epic space battles
drop in behind enemy lines missions
underwater missions (where they wear different gear)
vehicle runs
and so much more could happen with ODST’s that Spartans; they just do “run in and kill everyone” type missions

Couldn’t agree more. SpOps has a lot of potential to be great; it just needs to be executed properly.

I concur…hopefully the next season which won’t happen, will feature something similar to ODST where Spartans will land on New Phoenix unfortunately, Crimson team you, will travel like the Rookie like on New Mombasa and travel the city looking for clues only FT Majestic. That way, we not only play as our Spartans, but the Spartans of FT Majestic as well.

Broadsword missions, ODST drops, returning characters.

This is what S ops can be and more, and I’d pay for it.

At this point, I’m not sure if a fixed Spartan Ops will bring me back.

> Broadsword missions, ODST drops, returning characters.
> This is what S ops can be and more, and I’d pay for it.


There’s so many possibilities it’s crazy!

SpOps was a good attempt at something like it, I’d say have less missions but focus on making every single one unique