If/When Firefight does drop into Halo Infinite... should we have playlist with Loadouts?

A simple loadout system for a playlist of Firefight I like to call “Livefire

You will of course have your standard Firefight playlists where it is more traditional FF PvE that doesn’t offer loadout support.

But in Livefire Firefight you are not in a training simulation. You are actually boots on the ground defending a location against wave-after-wave of enemies.
Because of the fact that you are dropped in from an actual base and not just playing a simulation mode, Livefire would feature players actually using loadouts to go into the field with some weapons upon spawning and respawing or access to a station in the map to change loadouts mid-game; kinda like how Warzone did with Requisitions.

This would be all about choosing what basic Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Grenades, and Spartan Equipment you deploy with.
But if you survive multiple rounds without dying, you can earn higher tier weapons to swap out at designated Requisition Stations.

So, what do you guys think? Loadouts for a specific playlist of PvE Firefight?
Basically a diet WarZone Firefight but actaully lasting 3 sets of 5 rounds like normal FF.

  • Yes
  • No

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I feel firefight in especially matchmaking has never been quite as “magical” as the original ODST firefight because of its endless amount of waves and lack thereof in newer titles with matchmaking basically just being a few short rounds.

A PvE mode I have probably played one of the most out of any though is Gears of War 3’s Horde 2.0 mode. It had you earning cash, buy weapons, buy base reinforcements, walls, turrets and a vehicle with weapons.

Rather than just having a new firefight with loadouts and buyable weapons, why not go all out and have some new base defense mechanics as well?


They kinda tried to go all new in Halo 5’s Warzone.
And it was a bit glitchy.
“Kill 100 Jackals to progress to Wave 3.”
*spawns only 97 Jackals and causes the game to be a loss by default as the timer runs out.

This topic was inspired partially by an arugment I had with someone as to whether or not Loadouts belong in Halo.
I pointed out that Loadouts would be welcome in PvE but not PvP.
This poll was done in part to help see if that would actually be the case.

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Think loadouts wouldn’t be a bad thing for PvE, but I think it’d be best if the game had more weapons to choose from or maybe warzone style attachments or something so you’d have more choices to make.

I feel like I’d currently just do the thing I did in the campaign and just pick the battle rifle and sniper and sometimes swapping one out if needed, but I wouldn’t be opposed to loadouts.


I kind of feel like Firefight, if it ever comes, should do more than just waves/FOB defense - SAR of Marines, Banished base sabotage, HVT elimination from the campaign would be great types of variations on Firefight as a playlist.

However, more on topic, I do agree that loadouts would be good in PvE. The friends I play with all have different play styles and it’d be great to be able to cater to that with weapon choice right up front.


Well as the game progresses onwards, we probably will get more weapons to choose from.

But the loadout weapons would proabably be -

  • Assault Rifle
  • Longshot Assault Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • Breacher Battle Rifle
  • Bandit Rifle
  • Marksman Bandit Rifle
  • Commando Rifle
  • Impact Commando Rifle
  • Pulse Carbine
  • Rapidfire Pulse Carbine


  • Sidekick
  • Striker Sidekick
  • Disruptor
  • Calcine Disruptor
  • Submachine Gun


  • *all grenade options


  • *all equipment options

All other weapons in the game would be weapons you have to obtain from Requisition Stations in a list of tiers, with the longer you survive granting you more weapons to choose from. Or being dropped after a set of rounds like with Halo Reach’s Firefight.

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I’ll admit, I hate loadouts in Halo. Hate them!! If I wanted loadouts, I would play one of the thousands of FPS out there that all try to be like COD. Thank goodness Doom got made. I was super hyped for that game! Big fan of the original. I remember getting it for Xbox one and was so impressed with it. That is how you pay homage to an old series!! …Minus the MP which was terrible! but no one really plays Doom for its MP anyways…but anyways,

This said, I wouldn’t be totally against loadouts in PvE mode, but I rather them have a firefight mode that plays like ODST firefight to be honest. I think that was the best firefight. Have it like that style…but right now, I’d be happy with any type of firefight mode as long as it’s not broken :roll_eyes:

So I didn’t vote, as I’m not too sure where I fall in :laughing:


Firefight should firstly be survival based/like ODST and designed around that mindset. Gametypes/variants can exist to mix things up, but surviving and cooperative gameplay should be the main goals. Score attack and power weapon spam gets incredibly boring due to how little the player needs to invest themselves in the game. Massive points/score should be awarded for teamwork. It’s about working together, not about getting the highest score.

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Yeah I completely agree with this; hanging back and doing some firefight matchmaking can be fun for just shooting some enemies for a high score, but it tends to get a bit stale. I miss the unending waves of enemies and trying to survive for as long as possible.

Maybe have a separate playlist for survival and game modes or something? idk

Weapons should be map pick up only. Let’s keep load outs out of Halo. If they put them in firefight, if we ever even get a firefight, then players will be like let’s have them in matchmaking and before you know it we have H4 all over again.

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1 - Loadouts were terrible in Halo 4 simply BECUASE it didn’t belong in the PvP Sandbox of Halo.
However they did work well when it came to Spartan-Ops, which was essentially Firefight with mission objectives.
In PvE it makes sense.

2 - 343 at least had enough intelligence to realize that Halo 4’s loadout system was one of the main reasons why it was the least-played Halo games.
(playercount peak was around 410k and had an immediate decline. The latter 9 months of the game’s first year was under 100k players online, with the final 7 months being 50k less).

If 343 is still competent enough to realize that Loadouts in a PvP setting are terrible, we are safe.
Plus my proposed Loadouts in Firefight are exclusive to a single Firefight Playlist.
We would still have regular firefight playlists without loadouts.

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Reasonable as an option. I’m for it in this case.

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Yes… and commendations to work towards…

If we do, I don’t want starting loadings. I rather think firefight should advance from that. Maybe a armory drop objective that if you can get to, you can pick a weapon from there for the next objective?

And no, firefight shouldn’t be an objective based game. But I feel there should be side goals to increase your chances in survival besides picking up from enemies or dying to reset ammo.

TBH i liked FF in ODST the most. No load outs or anything to give you an advantage at the start.
With that said, more than one way to play FF is better than just one way to play it.


For me, I would prefer to choose my own weapon, no matter the game mode, that’s just me though. I don’t think it creates a game that is unbalanced, I think the opposite, it makes the game more balanced. When everyone is playing with the tools that make themselves more comfortable, they play better, more competitive, and have more fun.

Forcing everyone to use the same weapon where you get some people excelling, and some people failing, creates unbalance. There are weapons I do not like, and as expected, others do, this narrative of Halo being a balanced game, it’s not real.

If anything, it would be nice to be able to set up custom games that allow load-outs.

Unfortunately that was a factor that instantly saw the playercount of Halo 4 die off.
The loadout system of Halo 4 allowed for every player to spawn with weapons that were not intended for that use.

No longer did you prevent the enemy from having an advantage by picking up the Battle Rifle on their half of the map simply because you now had players able to simply spawn with it as a weapon in one of their pre-sets.

Add in the OP Boltshot being a pocket-shotgun you could always have available and the fact that you had to grind to get the assets of loadouts over the course of 130 levels, and it was a terrible system that made it so players who were always online ended up getting the entire kit whereas players who were more casual and played only on weekends were automatically at a hard disadvantage since they lacked some of the weapons and perks.

Loadouts in PvP doesn’t settle well in Halo’s Sandbox.
However Loadouts did make Spartan-Ops somewhat enjoyable as you were playing a PvE experience and you could see what challenges you were facing and adapt to it.
If we had a simple loadout system for a single playlist of Firefight, while keeping the rest of Firefight in a more traditional sense of gameplay; it merely invites another game-type for players to enjoy.

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I really have a feeling we will not be receiving any form of firefight. I hope I’m wrong, but really?

If we were to receive Firefight in Halo Infinite, it would probably be a season centered around an ODST-themed armor core being released; since Halo 3 ODST is where Firefight was introduced.
So if we do receive an ODST-Themed Armor Core, the big drop for that Season may be the ability to play Firefight, with perhaps the larger arena maps and the BTB maps being the setting for our FF matches.

Considering that the new forge will allow for A.I. scripting and implementation, we may even be able to Forge our own Firefight maps.

Halo 4 may not have been a well received game, but I don’t think load outs were the direct cause, for some people yes, but I think there were also some Bungie loyalists, who were never going to support the game.

Plus, how does a new company live up to the high praise of the Bungie era releases, warranted or not, still, when I look at the player count for Halo 4, there were far more people playing it than are playing Halo Infinite now.

I played the Halo 4 campaign often, and multiplayer a lot, whereas Halo Infinite, I completed the campaign once, can’t be asked to do it again, and PVP is too much of a mess to enjoy, plus it is very unbalanced, even without load outs, But I do see some of your points.