If this will happen, I think Infinite will get relevant again

Prepare for a small’ish wall-of-text.
I will separate my points in this article, by numbers.
From 1-(who knows what)
So lets start:

So when Forge drops: hopefully this will make it easier for 343I to put out wellmade forge maps, to fill out the gap of lacking map variety in matchmaking.
If they let Forge be an excuse to stop making quality maps from ground-up, Infinite are going to disappoint again. If they start to pour Forge-made maps as the standard for new maps in matchmaking, Infinite WILL get boring again, in an aesthetic way.

So if Forge will cover for their slow work, ok, fine.
Not fine if they will not continue new quality maps from ground-up.

When Season 3 drops: They need to get desync and ranked matchmaking fixed. It NEEDS to work correctly in Season 3. Infinite will manage to survive like Halo 5 if they don’t begin with hyping up Infinite the right way.
They need REAL events, not some free lil event pass with a low quality trailer.

Maybe they could hide some armor lockers in matchmaking maps, which you need to access through a door that can be hacked by you personal AI.
Just be creative. Don’t let all the events just be about cosmetics and plain gametypes.

You can’t just do live-service with the cosmetic events only when the game LACKS content. Content that has always been a part of Halo, for a very long time.

Season 3 desperatily needs: Pre and post-game lobbies. Infinite needs to be more of a social-friendly game. It has always been that type of game from the start. It needs infection, it needs PvE modes.
It needs to have a proper functioning theater, custom games WITH custom games browser.
And cross-core needs to be there as far as it can go and exist.

Multiplayer story events needs a battleroyale with quests, why?
Because if you have a longlasting match, with PvE and PvP. A huge map, with 100 people. It will be easy to set up specific quests around the map every now and then.
They could change the island or whatever for each season, just like what Fortnite do.
Personally I think Halo really needs a proper functioning battleroyale to get relevant again.

BR is popular, popular is relevant.

It would create so much potential, to keep the lust for playing Halo regurarly.
Personally I think Forge will be a good boost to get Infinite relevant again, but it needs more love and care after that. I think Infinite will see a bright future, IF 343I gets it right soon.

Peace :face_in_clouds:

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Point one is highly debatable, especially after seeing some of the community leaks. The differences between a Slipspace Engine native map and a Forge map could get very few and far between.

Rest of it I agree with.

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The key here is that 343 need to help and support the Forgers.

They need to provide professional hello on sight lines, spawns, etc to give the maps their best chance.

I know they’ve hinted that major updates will be seasonal and minor ones will be monthly (drop pods).

Hopefully S3 brings some fixes for desync.

Forge plus Infection plus resync will boost the population and then ranked matchmaking will be more consistent.

I want Spartan Companies.

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