If this game doesn't get fixed..

I honestly hope 343 can fix this mess. Do not get me wrong, I believe halo 4 at its core could be an amazing game, but it has so many things that need to be fixed that I hope I can keep myself interested in the game until it can be fixed.

The lack of any kind of competitiveness is awful, there is absolutely no reason to win games if you rank up just the same either way. I know this has been stated before but I just need to vent. The CSR system is a great idea and I hope it delivers like the halo 3 system did. I’ve never had a better experience with any game than I did with H3. I do not understand 343s idea of only having it show up on waypoint. Some of the greatest feelings from h3 were right after a hard fought game in the 40-50s and waiting to see if you gained or lost a rank.

The ordinance is an “ok” idea i guess. But it takes away from map control and timing drops. I think there should be playlists more suited for competitive play. taking away personal loadouts, armor abilities and take some randomness out of guns, making them always hit where you shoot, a true skill based gameplay. You could keep the person ordinance drops but just make them have armor abilities and speed boosts. Take away camo entirely from these playlists and add back the camo and OS spawns…

And the boltshot… my god. 343 what were you thinking? A shotgun in everyones pocket? Make this a random ordinance drop in normal playlists and a weapon spawn in the above mentioned playlist. I “think” everyone in the community would be alright with this change.

I know ive missed out on other things that need changing but these are the most important to me right now. The rest would just be icing. I know the lag is bad for some also but these seem more pertinant. Who cares if i lag if i dont even care to win? Or even enjoy the game anymore?

I dearly hope something is done to fix this. My ideas may not be the best or the worst but its a little fix that could keep most of the competitive/skilled/veterans players in this game.

I love the halo universe more than any other game I have ever played, and honestly its the only game I want to play anymore online. So if halo 4 dies then so does online gaming, for me at least.