If they remade halo 2, how should they do it?

If they made a halo 2 anniversary I would hope for the following:

  1. Remastered campaign with 100% true gameplay, original skulls( but with a menu in the lobby to actually turn them on and off at will), a delta halo archive(terminals) and ability to switch back and forth between new and old graphics.

  2. Unlockable E3 demo mission and maybe another mission that was cut from the game. The demo mission being unlocked by beating the game and the cut mission being unlocked by doing something like finding all the skulls.

  3. A map pack for whatever other halo game is most recent(halo 4,5, or 6)

  4. Halo 2 multiplayer arcade that would be released the same day as halo 2 anniversary in the xbox live arcade. Halo 2 anniversary could come with a code that entitles you to a free download of this.

So those are some of my ideas. What would you guys like to see in a Halo 2 anniversary?

Remastered Campaign (ability to switch graphics back and forth) with original gameplay and a skull lobby, about 10 multiplayer maps for Halo 4, and Theater mode for Campaign. There should also be the E3 mission and the other 3 cut missions: Covenant Ship, Forerunner Tank, and Dreadnought.

4 player co-op as well

I was thinking, since 343i has all the rights to Halo, then they should have all the original Halo codes, including Halo 2’s. They could take the campaign and add a few extra things to make it feel modern (but not too far from the original gameplay). Then they can get Halo 2’s multiplayer engine back up and running. Then the company that did most of the remastering in Halo: CEA can work on the graphical stuff for both campaign and MM.

So long as I can play MP back on Live again I don’t care.

> 4 player co-op as well

Yes, that too! :smiley: