If they overhaul H3 Forge(fingers crossed) which missing classic map do you want remade for H3 the most?

These are the maps I want remade for H3 the most.


  • Chiron TL-34

  • Hang 'Em High

  • Timberland


  • Backwash

  • Coagulation

  • Containment

  • District

  • Elongation

  • Sanctuary

  • Terminal

  • Warlock


  • Battle Canyon

  • Reflection

  • Solitary

My winner is…Backwash!


I would rejoice at any additional maps, but if they do, adding the remaining missing halo online maps is probably the best move. Diamondback, Reactor and Skybridge.


Halo 3 mod tools have been released. Content creators within the community can port/configure/rebuild classic maps to H3 (though it would be nice if 343i were to set up some kind of map overflow ala H1 Custom Edition instead of having to constantly replace pre-existing map files).

Officially adding the unimplemented Halo Online maps and some new Forge palette maps, however…

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I’ve always wanted to play sanctuary in Halo 3, I don’t know why but I feel like it would fit in so well with Halo 3’s gameplay but who knows,

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Having seen some of the mods of old maps made in the Halo 3 engine, maps like Sanctuary and Lockout look awesome. Not sure if we’d even get remakes of Halo CE and 2 maps in Halo 3 officially. But if we could get a lot of the structures/objects from those maps put into Halo 3’s forge, that could be a different story altogether.

Combine that with porting all of Halo Online’s content into Halo 3 (either in Match Making or Forge/Custom Games), then I could imagine Halo 3 having a greatly expanded map pool.

Still waiting for that veto option for MCC though. It’s a bummer we don’t have something like that.