If they decide to bring back tactical package

and support upgrades which ones would you want them to keep and which ones would you want them to get rid of?

The ones I want gone are:

Resupply - I think if you step over a grenade, you should be able to pick up.

Grenadier - 2 grenades of each type is good. I don’t see any reason to limit it to 1

Explosives - The affects of the grenade should be the same for everyone.

Survivor - I blow up a banshee and the pilot survives? Screw that.

I’m OK with the rest but maybe remove a few of them. What about you? What would you change?

I thought the perks were a nice experiment but ultimately I consider them a failure. I don’t want to see them return. They sacrificed too much base gameplay! That, and the obscene number of features with so little benefit, were Halo 4’s biggest problem with perks.

However, if they must return, I’d like to see a super-simplified version. Like… “Vehicle”, for giving you a handful of vehicle perks, or “Sniper”, which gives you a handful of scoped rifle perks, or “CQB” for melee perks. Keep it simple!

I thought that tac/support packages were the worst thing in halo 4. I wouldn’t mind custom loadouts ordinance etc. so long as tac/supp. packages are gone. They mess with the equal start idea too much.

My biggest problems with them are:

A) the fact that there are so many options and we only get 5 loadouts

I find that every time I switch playlists I have to completely redo at least 3 of my loadouts to work with the available gametypes. If I had an unlimited number (or large number, maybe 20) of loadouts and I could customize which ones appear when I play certain maps and gametypes it would be much better.

B) they unnecessarily remove certain aspects from player control

The Survivor mod is a prime example of this. Players should be able to quickly exit vehicles whenever it is desirable, after all Spartans are highly trained super-soldiers and it shouldn’t take forever to jump out of a Warthog. When control is taken out of the player’s hands gameplay is dumbed down and skill is de-emphasized.

C) they increase the amount of uncertainty (unpredictability)

Pretty self explanatory…

D) certain things should be base traits instead of options

Resupply, Wheelman, Recharge, etc.

With all that being said I do like being able to cater my Spartan to my playstyle and I think we should be given the options to do so, but not at the expense of player control and things that should be base traits.

Oh please, god, don’t let them bring back perks!

> Oh please, god, don’t let them bring back perks!

Yeah, I think its best if they were not in the game all together.

Remove AA Efficiency. We don’t need camo or regen field spammed. Maybe replace it with AA durability - AA’s lasts slightly longer.

I want them gone completely, if they do come back then yes I think OP’s list is spot on…pretty much remove all perks that do anything to grenades…and please come up with more interesting perks.

I like your thinking OP but personally I hope they don’t return in any fashion.

I don’t ever what to need a perk to have more ammo or pick up grenades.

Silly just silly

I hate to say it but we need to go back

> I don’t ever what to need a perk to have more ammo or pick up grenades.
> Silly just silly
> I hate to say it but we need to go back

Yeah I think they need to go.