If there were

2 versions of halo 5 being made. One being what we have now 60 fps and no split screen and the other being the dreadful 30 fps with split screen would the ones that want the split screen version be satisfied even it meant that you may be at a disadvantage due to 30? I’m just spit balling here, its probably a dumb topic and the chances of this happening are -1562117 but what if some time after launch they decided to announce a split screen version of halo 5 is coming.

i hate that there is no split screen but they did what they did and maybe Halo 6 will bring it back.

If it comes at all, they’ll patch it in. That said, highly unlikely if all the technical reasons we’ve been given ring true.

playing and loving the one with splitscreen and 4p local

if a patch comes out allowing for at least lan i’ll feel better about what we’re getting

Use the splitscreen thread please.