If there was one thing 343 could do for Infinite.

what would it be for you?.

as the title somewhat suggests I’d love to hear ppls replies on just ONE thing they’d love for 343 to get right with Halo Infinite.

personally for me it would have to be weapon balance. Having jumped on to MCC the last few days for some MP I was shocked at just how every weapon felt viable. The AR was LOD and strong, the pistol was a beast and OP nades!. In an age we’re making things OP to begin with and then slowly hitting stuff down with Nerfs seems to be becoming more common I’d just really love to see all the weapons feel ‘beefy’ and viable in the MP experience.

How about you you guys and gals of Halo Waypoint?. What’s the one thing you would pick as your choice?.


A BR along the lines of H2’s.