If there ever is a sequel...

…would you want a direct continuation of Halo Wars’ story, or something different?

I would love for the story in Halo Wars to be continued, but I’m not sure that an RTS would be the best format to carry on the story of the Spirit of Fire’s crew (mostly because they are so far away from humanity and the Covenant, and it probably wouldn’t feel right to have an RTS set in the Halo universe with them fighting only FOrerunner and Flood, or whatever it is that they bumped into). I think it’d make more sense for the SOF to either show up in the Reclaimer Trilogy or the Kilo-Five trilogy or something else like that.

I would still absolutely love another Halo RTS game, though. Whether its a new story with a new set of characters, or iconic battles from the Halo saga, or anything, really, I would love another Halo Wars game. I just don’t think continuing the SOF’s story would be the best potential direction it could go in.

But that’s all just me, and I’m sure a lot of you guys feel differently (and to be honest, I’d buy another Halo Wars game no mater where/when the story is set- the first one was excellent!). So, what is everyone else’s opinion on the topic?

Not a continuation, I would prefer it if it took place across the length of the Great War.
The missions would take place during the most significant battles and the units specific to the period in which the battle takes place.

I want Halo Wars 2 to continue to follow the Spirit of Fire because I thought they had a good story going.

> I want Halo Wars 2 to continue to follow the Spirit of Fire because I thought they had a good story going.

I definitely want to see the SOF story continued, but I’m not sure an RTS would be the best format. I’d rather they appear in a different game, or in a book, maybe. I think a new Halo RTS might be better off if it focused on something else, since its unlikely the SOF are still fighting Covenant.

SOF could meet forerunners and have to battle them or something like that.

I think it would be cool if John wasn’t on the Spirit of Fire and got on a different type of ship like a phantom or something like that and your searching for him on this unknown planet that his tracking chip device thing lead you to that planet. I think that would be cool but 343 would have to be careful not to make it boring because the games that are a type of searching can get boring if not set right.

I would love to see the Spirit of Fire return in either a game of a book but as for a direct continuation of the Halo Wars story, I think it was pretty well set with as a stand alone.

If they did make another Halo RTS then maybe it could have the player as Preston J. Cole and have you play through the iconic battles that the legendary hero was a part of.