If the weekly reward is going to be an emblem…

Well first of all, I might lose it.

Secondly, can we at least get this emblem bundled into one weekly reward? Spacing them out between the weapon, armor, vehicle, and nameplate is just awful padding for the game. If it just has to be an emblem it would be so much nicer to earn all of these at once.


Would be nice to get an emblem set as an ultimate reward rather than 4 separate ‘ultimate’ rewards - I agree.

We still need to get the ‘Sacrifice’ vehicle emblem by the way so that will probably be a single unlock one week.


I blacked out after seeing that emblem a 3rd time


How about a name plate?

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I consider the nameplates and emblems to be pretty much the same


Well, we’ve had 2 weeks of weapon skins. I would lie down when you look at the reward, just to be safe.


Luckily it’s a backdrop, the highest tier reward :face_exhaling:

That sacrifice emblem was fire!

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Well, at least we won’t have to bother with challenges this week. I’ll just sit in quick play and btb all week.


Lmao is this week really an emblem? I was joking in another thread the other day and said it would be an emblem and it actually happened.


Was speculated to be an emblem, but the good news is it’s a backdrop instead.

Worse. It’s A background

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Backdrops are less noticeable than a nameplate

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What ticks me off the most is how nobody at 343 was like “you know making the same reward for 4 weeks is ******* stupid”


Truly ultimate rewards for the truly ultimate challenges!

All of the weeklies have been awful. I personally haven’t been inspired to grind for a single one. The only time I grind challenges is for the events, because that’s the only time there is meaningful rewards.

Quit the game and went back to halo 5 I got my Kabuto helmet and got the H€! out of there. I’m done with this game. Everyone needs to release we need to quit, they’ll only listen with numbers and stats. You quit and the game is less popular, server numbers drop and they’ll be scrambling to have us back by doing things the right way. Be warned though we need to make sure we all come back in one piece or the franchise will suffer another big blow.

There I was, thinking the weekly reward is something to entice people to keep playing the game and unlock something desirable… :roll_eyes:

love the ultimate reward when it’s trash like this means i don’t have to play the game this week

Hate to tick you off even more but this is deliberate for two reasons: incompetency and dragging out seasons.