If the store is going to continue to be inferior to an already lacking system can we just have the req system back?

Over priced, breaking items apart that should be a single unlock into multiple tiny pieces to give the illusion that a bundle contains more value than it actually does, while also padding out the loot pool in an even cheaper way than Halo 5 did, and on top of that removing the ability to choose the colors of your armor.

Coatings were initially pitched as a giving more options for customization which we now know is not the case. Far from it actually. Coatings could have been a pattern that was applied to armor that only changed what parts of the armor changed color, but no. Instead you can only choose between preselected colors taht often have no patterns for specific armor cores, while having to pay to use colors you could use in previous games for free that were unlocked by default upon first loading into the game. It should also be noted that coatings have been broken up into 18 individual pieces despite being the exact same, and no that’s not an exaggeration, emblems are also broken up into 4 pieces despite being the same jpeg, and left/ right shoulders are also separate unlocks.

When people kept saying they wanted Halo Reach’s unlock system, and credits to return, premium credits and an overpriced microtransaction storefront is not what anyone meant, or wanted.

As bad as the req system was you could at least unlock something. It may not be what you wanted, and it was entirely random, but you got something half decent most of the time. The cooler part was that if you played a ton you could unlock everything if you were really dedicated. 343i/ Microsoft also had the opportunity to take their pound of flesh from those that opted to buy req packs which were not only enough to fund additional content updates, E-sports events, etc, but it also gave you the freedom to choose to pay, or go the gameplay route.

My intent isn’t to bash the devs, but just to voice some of the realities of this current system. It’s not working, and it’s got glaring problems. When the colors you used to use for free, black and blue in my case, end up being locked behind a 12$ CAD paywall inside an E-sports kit that it cannot be separated from it’s a little frustrating, and a constant reminder of the problems with this system. I know others have had similar experiences with their usual colors either being locked behind a paywall, or just not in the game, but you get my point.

I know 343i has had numerous factors working against them with the development of this game that they had little to no control over, so I don’t blame them for the state of the store, or the game. In reality no dev wants to make a bad game, so while they can’t openly say it I believe they aren’t happy with this system either.

I think we’d be better off returning to the Req system instead of stubbornly sticking to a system that will inevitably remain inferior to it’s predecessor.

Nope … I would rather know what I am getting for my money even if over priced rather than two random permanent unlocks and some other random on time use stuff.

Hey look, a thread providing an example of that thing I told people to stop doing.

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Am I not allowed to have my own opinion?

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You’re allowed to advocate for gambling. And I’m allowed to not respect you for that.


20 characters, because 343i says so.

I think the real point here is that had it been the req system a lot of people would’ve had plenty of armours by now even if it’s not the one they wanted. Gameplay was garenteed from day 1 to get you all the reqs. Halo infinite from day 1 offers you litte chance at items. By the time month 4-6 rolled around the req system wasn’t a complaint. A lot of people got most of what they were playing for. I got all the stuff in the game at about 6 months. This system while not perfect was better. It offered a better “overtime system” rather than a seasonal one with the seasons and battle pass.


Exactly this. As things stand now we have so few options, and everything extra is locked behind pay walls. In particular the F2P path has their first unlock for a helmet at level 96 which is outrageous.

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The req system made me happier and got me to spend more money at the same time. Never felt as restricted when choosing armor as I do now in Infinite, and that’s taking into consideration that we couldn’t change the armor pieces at all. Infinite needs to step up it’s customization game.


As those have already noted, the main issue right now is content. If we were to hypothetically switch over to the REQ System tomorrow, I don’t think its an understatement that we’d have all the items currently available in the game by the end of February. I’m sure them breaking down the bundles in the Store and selling them individually was so that they could stretch out their very limited number of items a bit more as they were already recycling Store items before Tenrai and Cyber Showdown.

Now for my opinion involving the REQ System in general, I don’t want it back. Other than the gambling aspect that I don’t agree with - which got certain companies into hot water with some governments -, I was one of the ones who hardly got any of the stuff I wanted while basic stuff - like a DMR for loadouts - took me months to get. After playing around 1,000 games there was still stuff I wanted but never got and it came to a point that I DREADED more items getting tossed into the pool cause that just mean it was going to be harder for me to get stuff unless I wanted to open my wallet (which I never did).

And it wasn’t like they padded the content there either with duplicate armor pieces that had a slightly different design and how most of your rewards was really only,for one game mode: Warzone. Arena players or others who just didn’t want to play Warzone basically had a huge swathe of that content taken out for them: perks, loadouts, power weapons, vehicles, etc. So if you were an Arena player, it really kinda sucked.

So for me personally I prefer the current system where I can see what I want and see the path to get it, its just the real pain right now is the lack of,content. If we had better Weekly Rewards than the Noble Sacrifice emblem for the dozenth time or we weren’t waiting another four months for the second season to launch, it at least wouldn’t be as terrible as it is now.

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