If the DMR was more like the Halo 3 Carbine...

Everyone says that the DMR is great, crap, good with bloom, good with less bloom, good with no bloom… I’ve honestly never seen so much controversy over such a thing… or anything for that matter. But whatever.

As the title suggests, I’m wondering how Halo: Reach would play if the DMR worked like the Carbine in every way (Damage, accuracy, fire rate) and wondered, how do you think it would work? Seeing as the carbine is my idea of a balanced precision weapon in an arena game like Halo: Accurate, no bloom or spread, but every shot is only slightly random, so a lot but not all cross map shots will hit the mark. And I wanted to know what people thought of the two compared to one and other.

Lastly, if the Carbine replaced the DMR, if only for a day, how do you think it would be and how would game play change? I’d personally welcome this change, but that’s just me.

What’s your view on the subject?

I honestly hated the carbine; the reticule was so big that even at mid range it started to get “random”. Not to mention the insanely fast RoF that makes it difficult not to spam. I literally had like 50 kills with it because I just hated it compared to the BR, so I could be wrong but I would think unless you’re playing on a really high sensitivity and are in a close range battle, I don’t see how it could out perform the BR.

It’d be one thing with a high RoF when there is only 1 “utility” weapon, like the CE pistol, where while it was a 3SK, the majority of battles were more around 6SKs. But it an entirely other thing when it comes to the carbine vs BR or NR vs DMR. The human weapon is the clear choice IMO. And again it could be due to my lack of extensive experience with the carbine, but honestly it seemed like it had no advantages over the BR. At least the NR has better bloom, making far better at mid-long range (I’m thinking top gold to either of the jump ups on zealot kind of distance) when scoped out; the DMR will lose every time unless he scopes in after every shot.

Also I really don’t think adding “randomness” to a single shot weapon is the best of ideas. Nor do I condone what Bungie did with the H3 BR. I don’t see why they didn’t just have a completely predictable spread that did the same thing everytime (example, 1st bullet goes perfectly straight, second goes 2 degrees to the left, the 3rd goes 2 degrees to the right); it would still do it’s intended job of keeping BR battles out of long range yet still able to ping a sniper. If they did this, then no one would get “jewed” aside from connection issues, meaning the game would have been great on LAN.

With all that said; why not just give the ZB DMR a 2x scope and maybe reduce the RoF by 10%? I know it couldn’t happen in Reach, but if we’re talking hypothetically, I think this would be the best thing to do. It’s pretty much the H2 BR, which only the people who got destroyed by it (mostly due to button combos) complained about it ( at least that I know of).