If the cR System Returns, Incentivise Them Correctly

Or, in layman’s terms: Give cR out in a more effective manner.

In Reach, there’s a problem with the amount of cR that certain playlists give out. For instance, before they axed Firefight Limited, playing Limited and Arcade gave out the same amount of cR, despite Arcade being a far easier, and farmable, gametype. We also currently have the issue where Team Slayer and Arena also pay out the same amount.

There’s something wrong here, and something that should be fixed in Halo 4.

Short and simple: Harder gametypes should pay out more cR. The following playlists should pay out more cR in Halo 4:

  • Whatever “Ranked” mode Halo 4 has
    Reason: If you give people incentive to play ranked, then people will play ranked. A healthier population will lead to a better functioning ranked system by default, giving everyone a better experience.

  • Firefight Survival
    Reason: Assuming Firefight is returning, the “survival” or “limited” modes should give you more cR. Why? Because you actually have to have some degree of skill and teamwork to survive until the end of the set. If Arcade and Survival pay out the exact same, then people are going to go for the easier payout.

There are playlists out there that also deserve less cR, but I feel that’s getting too radical, and punishes players for playing what they want to play. I feel that simply increasing the payout for these two playlists is fair, and helps keep at least some semblance of Risk vs Reward.