If the Armor and Helmets had abilities, what would you want?

As your earning and buying armor and helmets, what do you wish they could do in a non multiplayer Campaign or FireFight?

EVA: Sonar vision. You can see through doors and walls to a certain limit. Works like Night Vision. EVA shoulder Armor and Tactical Wrist Pads open Armor Ability: Sprint. Medic. Inheritor: Bottomless Clip.

Sonar doesn’t go through walls, don’t listen to Splinter cell…

“sonar vision” = wall hax
Personally I would probably like a better radar rather than the motion tracker…

The flaming helmet incinerates you.

> The flaming helmet incinerates you.


A voice in the back of my head.

You can play Pac-Man on that blue screen thing on your wrist.

I think when you have Master Chiefs helmet you should get unlimited sprint!

Birthday Party makes you spawn hordes of grunts upon death.

It would be nice if buying extra gear made a noticable difference in game play.