If season 8 is the last for MCC, what now?

With Season 8 being the last season being made for MCC, Ican imagine a ton of people racking up points to get all the armours and such, but after that?

We will have a ton of points just taking up space until a new limited event comes along to have to spend it on. But the points will be useless after all that, so… what happens next?


343i have said that new content will be coming to the game through 2022, just in smaller chunks than the older seasonal model.

I believe there are plans to rework the rewards system a bit so it’s more appropriate for this near “end of life” period. However the details on that haven’t been clarified just yet.
Season 8 was the last major update for MCC for 2021, any substantial changes will come next year.


It’s been confirmed multiple times that the game will continue forward with content. Similar to the current situation with Halo 5 being out and 343i still makes content for Halo MCC.

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A similar update model like what we’ve seen with the 20th Anniversary update, presumably.