If S2 doesn't fix desync and all the other issues I can see myself getting burnt out week 1

If all the issues plaguing the game that should have been fixed with a day 1 patch are still present in season 2 I can’t imagine myself enjoying it for any longer than a week. I want to be excited but I just can’t get my hopes up.


My prediction is that the refreshing start to a new season will be extremely fleeting. A few game modes and cosmetics won’t last very long, and pretty much all of the underlying issues are still there.


If I get on and notice the desync and other issues still aren’t fixed, I’m just hopping right back off. Plain and simple.


I’m not even bothering to re-install it on my Xbox until I see people saying that De-synch and Server Selection are finally resolved.

80% of my matches were 250 ms because the Server Selector thinks that Amsterdam is closer to Alberta Canada than Seattle Server. Seattle gives me 25 ms ping times. The game is a broken joke with 250 ms ping times (4 fps).


There is certainly a bit of pressure on the S2 update to fix, or at least address, the issues.

The GDC talk on the game engine was fascinating - and the presenter came across as excited for plenty of future improvements.

S2 certainly has a lot of content. It could do with another map (or two). But I think a lot actually hinges on the bug fixes.

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i’m curious about s2, and will certainly be playing it… for the events. assuming the servers aren’t fixed. because i personaly do not have any fun at all with the 100-250 ms ping at an constant.
if s2 does fix the servers… then i’l be willing to play more often. but i ain’t keeping my hopes up, given how much 343 tends to drop the ball of hope


Can it be less than a week? Because, then I don’t have to hear you crying on the forums anymore. That’d be great….

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The truth is , if they havent fixed desync for season 2, everyone will come back for a day or so then leave again. Unfortunately based on the lack of communication, i’d say its doubtful its resolve. Hope im wrong as I want to play this game.


Personal problems require personal solutions :slight_smile:

Desync is a personal problem now? I wonder if my health insurance will cover that.


So we have a new breed of person…”a desync denier” that believes all the in game network issues experienced by thousands of Halo players around the world are due to their own equipment and broadband connections, and dismisses the simple fact that the game and/or net code are broken.


It’s probably not. That update is probably gonna come some time in season 3.

Two maps and three modes, one that’s has been in every previous Halo since launch is NOT a lot of content!

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Hi, does anyone know why my game runs like garbage? When i First installed it, it used to run smoothly. I don’t know what happened, but now it runs terrebly. I’ve also noticed that when i open another window it runs perfectly in the back, but when i go back to the game the frames drops dramatically.

I get 20ms ping every night and no desync.
I live in the UK

Being on my own server would be a start, if i dont get it most of my games i wont last a day

It’ll only take you a week to get burnt out? That’s seems kinda optimistic.

I am hoping for a lot of fixes in S2 but I am not going to hold my breath the match making is completely broke in ranked I highly doubt there will be much content for awhile they need to work on the servers first I average a 15-20 ping but never feels like I have a 20 ping or close to it

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The desync is INSANE. I was just about to make a new thread about it. I’m getting one shot by melee hits. ONE HIT. While grenades, ARs and a melee from my end does literally nothing. Same with rockets. Same with pretty much anything.

Not that it matters much but my kd as well is taking a massive hit as the desync has definitely become much more noticeable worse lately.

I’ve got so many clips I’d love to share of 343s hot pile of garbage pretending to be halo.

I never rage at games but my god this game is straight up unplayable.

Unrivalled - worst game I have ever played. Hands down. Nothing even comes close to how broken and embarrassing this game is. Network issues, hit detection issues, ui is just stupid, market transactions are still sus.

343 just call it a day and sell bananas to monkeys. Might be more your speed.


I’m pretty sure S2 will be a band-aid with future help to come with desync.