If PvP matchmaking is as bad as it is on MCC…

Oh boy. Let’s talk about this. Creating teams where two people are decent at the game while the other two team members might as well be swimming in Jelly is not the move.

I’m not a game designer but if you look at the MCC forums it won’t take long to find threads about how bad matchmaking is and how you shouldn’t do it without at least two other friends

One way of maybe tweaking your matchmaking would be to divide people based on hours played. Then divide those set parameters among the different game modes and pair up people with similar playtimes. You can go into more detail with Data allocation of playtime broken up into years/months/weeks/days in a certain playlist. If someone hasn’t played for 6 months and starts shredding then that’s where your system(as it is now) would come in handy. Matchmaking should work like a filter, not a wall.

if I’ve been playing BTB every day for hours on end, why would it make sense for me to be playing with/against people who literally play the game half as much as I do?

This works because, typically, the more hours someone puts into a craft the better they get at it. Why does it make sense to put people with a quarter of my average playtime in the same match as me at all? It sucks for the other team because they’re still learning and it sucks for me because I now have to make sure my own team isn’t FEEDING the other team’s experienced players

The system you have now doesn’t incentivize extended gameplay hours because…how could it possibly do that for anyone that didn’t just pick up Halo 5 minutes before popping it into their console.

Admittedly I’m not an expert when it comes to the intricacies of how matchmaking works in MCC, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the unbalanced team problems comes from such a shallow pool of players to build from. If a 4 person squad goes in together and they’re all on the skilled side, it’s probably hard to build a fair team from randoms with so few people playing MCC. Infinite is bound to have a muuuuuch bigger player base to draw from, so hopefully that helps out with it at least a little bit.

If they did by hours played you could still get someone with not the best skill, because they leave the game menu up and that counts towards the hours.

Now if you mean as in hours actually playing MP, that may be a bit of a pain to implement.

From my experience in MP on MCC, yea it can suck sometimes, but usually because that is due to me not trying to work with my team or around them. If I work with them I tend to have a better time, no need to talk, just watch and try to join in on kills. If I lone wolf it, its a bad time. But that makes sense for a team game.